Nintendo World Championships 2017 Winner is Thomas Gonda

Thomas Gonda won the Nintendo World Championships 2017.

When Host Andrea Rene asked Gonda what it felt like to win the tournament, he said he was always the runner up in competitions but today he won.

Cole G took bronze while John Numbers, the winner of the Nintendo World Championships 2015, took Silver.

Gonda competed against Numbers in a round to see who could collect the moons first in Super Mario Odyssey in a series of three challenges. The competition was very close as both competitors were at the final boss of the challenge in which they had to capture its hands and make it punch itself in the face.

This win comes after Numbers beat both Gonda and Cole G in a game of Super Mario Maker for Final Game 1. Gonda then won against Cole G in the Final Game 2 in which you play the multiplayer mode of Super Mario Bros. Deluxe.

Doug Bowser, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing at Nintendo of America, handed out the rewards.

Gonda, who goes by Ito in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U competitions, is widely considered one of the best Meta Knight players in North America consistently earning high spots on ranked leaderboards according to Smash Wiki.

He was originally from Oakland, California and moved to San Diego for school.

The Nintendo World Championships 2017 is the follow up to the championships in 2015 which was the follow up to the championships in 1990, the tournament sees both invitees and qualifiers battle against each other in a variety of challenges based on Nintendo games.

Gonda was joined by invitees such as WWE Superstar Bayley and E3 2017 ARMS Open Invitational Winner Zerk. Qualifiers 12 and younger had to get a good Time Trial result from Mario Kart 7 playing as Mario on the DS Luigi’s Mansion track while qualifiers 13 and older also had to get a good Time Trial result in Mario Kart 7 but while racing as Bowser on the GBA Bowser Castle 1 track.

Journalist and What’s Good Games Host Andrea Rene was the host for the event while Nintendo E3 Tournament Announcer Jordan Kent was the play-by-play announcer.

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