Overwatch Halloween Endless Mode: 10 Tips You Should Know

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Overwatch’s Halloween event returns with a new surprise. In addition to the standard Brawl mode, Junkenstein’s Revenge, the event offers an endless Junkenstein mode. It’s still the same mode where you fend off waves of monsters and protect the gates of a castle, but instead of going through a set series of waves players try to see how far they can go in a game. You also get to play as Zenyatta, Genji, Torbjörn, and Widowmaker in addition to McCree, Ana, Hanzo, and Soldier 76. Here are 10 tips and tricks you need to know to ensure your game lasts for a long time.

1. Zenyatta Is Essential

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Zenyatta is so useful in this mode that he should be included on every team. Not only is his orb great for healing Genjis who like to stay near enemy spawns, but he’s also a great fighter in his own right. His orbs pack a punch and his discord orb can make the surprisingly bulky zombics and monsters much easier to handle. He can even throw a discord orb at the dreaded Junkenstein Tire, which careens to your castle gate for massive damage. He can also charge up his orb barrage to defeat Junkenstein’s Monster a lot quicker as well. His ultimate also heals multiple people around him which can prevent team wipes.

2. Torbjörn Is Great as Well

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Torbjörn is also a solid choice for games. His turret puts constant pressure on enemies moving towards the center of the map tower defense-style, which only gets stronger with his Ultimate. His gun is also nothing to sneeze at as well. Torbjörn can also help teammates out by creating armor packs for extra HP.

3. Choose Hanzo or Widowmaker Depending on Your Preference

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It can be hard to choose between Widowmaker and Hanzo as they both fulfill the role of stopping opponents at long range. Both have their pros and cons. Widowmaker shoots opponents faster and more accurately, can zoom across the stage and out of the range of monsters, and can deal chip damage with her venom mine which enemies will easily run into. However her Ultimate isn’t really all that useful aside from alerting you to where enemies will pop out of next. Hanzo isn’t as accurate with his bow but his ultimate is also one of the best to use in the mode, able to clear many Zomnics along the central road leading to the castle. However his scatter arrow misses more times than not and his sonic arrow is useless other than alerting teammates to the positions of enemies. Both heroes are able to stop most of Junkenstein’s Tires with a fully charged shot. No matter who you pick, be sure to get up on the vantage points along the wall to the left or even on Junkenstein’s perch.

4. You Only Need to Complete 12 Turns for Victory

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In order to actually win the mode and claim your free loot box, you need to survive 12 turns of endless mode. Every other turn after that is a bonus turn which boosts your score.

5. Use Ultimates Often

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With how many things you have to fight and take down, you’d be surprised by how fast your Ultimate gauge can fill. That’s why you shouldn’t hesitate to use them. I’m not saying to spend them willy nilly since that’s not going to help anybody. You still need to activate them at the right moments. But you’ll get way more chances to use Ultimates if you keep firing them off one after the other. McCree’s ultimate is especially great to use since it can take down monsters like Junkenstein’s Monster and Reaper in one hit as well as taking down multiple Zomnics.

6. Focus Your Attacks on One Monster at a Time

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When multiple monsters are on the battlefield, focus your fire on only one. Don’t try to juggle between firing at different monsters. Otherwise both monsters stay out for longer instead of one dropping early and one surviving longer.

7. Don’t Underestimate the Summoner

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The Summoner is actually quite scary, and not just because it’s Halloween. Her shield generator adds shields to all enemies, including Junkenstein’s Tire! Her attack is also very sticky and can chip away at your health of you don’t get her off your tail. Take her down as soon as you can when she appears.

8. Take Down the Witch as Soon as Possible

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The Witch appears later in games and often with multiple other monsters. It’s paramount that you take her down first because if you try to attack the other monsters she’ll just heal the damage back. She doesn’t seem to fight back, instead preferring her monster allies to take you down instead. So focus all your fire on her, just like you would any other Mercy in a regular Overwatch match.

9. Don’t Ignore the Zomnics

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While you should focus on killing the monsters as fast as possible as they can down you and make you waste time, they actually don’t threaten the main objective of keeping the castle gate safe. The Zomnics do and their damage can really add up if you ignore them. That’s why you should occasionally check to see if Zomnics are arriving at your doorstep as you are fighting monsters so you can take them down before they explode.

10. Don’t Panic

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When tons of monsters and Zomnics are thrown at you, it can be quite overwhelming. However, just take a breather and focus on targeting a single monster. As you pick off monsters and thin the herd a bit, things will be much more manageable.

Have any more tips for endless mode? Let us know in the comment section below.

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