Pokemon Go: Tips For Catching Entei, Raikou & Suicune

Pokemon GO


Pokemon Go introduced a trio of new legendary Pokemon last month in the form of Raikou, Entei and Suicune. These three legendaries from generation two of Pokemon are pretty difficult to catch but they all make excellent additions to your team if you manage to snag one. You can only catch them with a Premiere Ball so keep that in mind before you go on the hunt for one of the three.

Now, let’s dive into some tips to help you catch these legendary beasts.


Raikou is arguably the strongest electric type Pokemon available in Pokemon Go, even more powerful than Zapdos. This means that despite having a Zapdos, you’ll definitely want to add this Pokemon to your roster.

Since Raikou is an Electric type, it will be weak against Ground-type attacks and Ground Pokemon will receive the least damage from it. Since we’re only through generation two with Pokemon Go, there aren’t a whole lot of ground Pokemon available outside of Golem, Rhydon, Donphan and Sandslash but luckily those four will be more than enough. Golem and Rhydon should be your number one choices if you have them available. You want to them to know Mud-Slap and Earthquake if you want to inflict serious damage so we highly recommend getting some Pokemon that know those moves.

If you’re short on Ground types, you can always just go for something that takes normal damage against Electric types but still packs a powerful punch, Flareon comes to mind. It’s worth noting that Dragon, Electric and Grass type Pokemon all take reduced damage from Electric types so those won’t be bad options. Keep in mind that using an Electric type against Raikou will give it the benefits as you. Dragonite is also another excellent choice since its Dragon type negates the bonus damage done with Electric against its Flying type.


Entei is a Fire type which means its weak against Ground, Rock and Water type attacks. This means you can use the same Pokemon you used against Raikou and add a few more to the roster. Golem and Rhydon show up again here and they are by far the best choices since they resist Fire damage and deliver super effective damage.

Once again, if Ground type Pokemon are out of the question for you, the next best choice would be Water types. Vaporeon is a very strong choice since it will take reduced fire damage and also deliver super effective damage. Ferealigatr is another good choice if you manage to have one on your team.

Dragonite is another good Pokemon to use since it will resist Entei’s attack but will just do normal damage in return. If you’re desperate, just throw as many Water types at Entei as you can. A Kingdra and Starmie could do wonders but there’s no telling how long they will stand up to Entei’s assault. Whatever you do, just stay away from Bug, Steel, Grass and Ice type Pokemon against Entei as they won’t last long.


Suicune is the first Water type legendary Pokemon to appear in Pokemon Go. As a result, this means it is only weak against Grass and Electric Pokemon. Suicune’s Charged Attacks will be Water type so you’ll definitely want to stay away from Fire, Rock and Ground types for this fight.

There’s a wide variety of Grass types out there that fit the bill for this fight including Venusaur, Meganium, Victreebell, Exeggutor and Bellossom. There are a lot more you can use but these ones will deliver excellent performance. Grass type Pokemon that also know Grass type moves will be your best options since they can resist the Charged Attack and deliver super effective damage in return.

If Grass types aren’t an option for you, Electric types are going to be your second choice. They will deliver super effective damage but they don’t resist Water attacks making them take normal damage. As a result, they might not hold up long in a fight if you go in with a straight Electric team. Zapdos and Raikou will be your best choices but Jolteon and Raichu will also do the trick here. As always, it doesn’t hurt to have a Dragonite around as it can resist Water attacks.