South Park The Fractured But Whole: Coon Lair Code Location

South Park The Coon Lair Code

Collin MacGregor

South Park: The Fractured But Whole has officially released and if you want to conquer this turn-based RPG then you’ll need to sneak into the Coon Lair. This can only be accomplished after you complete the brief fighting tutorial outside of Cartman’s house. Once you vanquish the dragon and sneak into the backyard a cutscene will play that shows The Coon arrive. After the cinematic head into Cartman’s house directly in front of you. However, make sure to check out the tent to pick up some materials by punching the cardboard cones tapped to the floor.

Once inside Cartman’s mother will inform the player that the boys are playing downstairs, but the door is locked to the basement. In order to continue, you will need to figure out the passcode and then input it on the keypad in front of you. Head upstairs and then enter the first door to your right which will be Cartman’s room. There are a few items that you can interact with, but the one you want to is in the back right corner. Approach the nightstand and punch the lamp to break it and reveal Cartman’s diary.

Now interact with it and flip through the “interesting” drawings that Cartman has made until you reach a section that says “Do Not Open.” Once you open it the code “Fuck You Mom” will be revealed, which you can then input on the keypad by the basement. We found the code before approaching the keypad so we’re not 100% sure if finding the journal is a necessary step. After you enter the code head downstairs and interact with The Coon to begin the next part of this story mission.

Don’t worry about remembering this code, as South Park: The Fractured But Whole will display it at the bottom of your screen in case you forget. Now get downstairs and begin your journey superhero, those cats won’t save themselves. Keep in mind the code will change after every night, but Cartman will always give it to you via Coonstagram.

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