South Park The Fractured But Whole: Breaking Down All 10 Classes

south park the fractured but whole


South Park: The Fractured But Whole has officially released and this turn-based RPG is embracing everything about the superhero genre. One of the best ways this is showcased is via the ten different classes that players can mix and match from in the game. Each one has their strengths and weaknesses, so it’s important to know what they do. Not every class is about damage dealing, as there are quite a few support powers that can really help your team out. Here’s a brief breakdown of each class:

  • Speedster: The Speedster is ranged melee class that offers up strong attacks that can hit foes from up to three squares away. While it doesn’t have the impact of a Brutalist, the Speedster shines in outputting decent damage while keeping foes at a safe distance. Where the class really shines is in the Double-Edge skill which allows players to gain a second attack at the cost of the skipping their next turn. This is great for finishing off tough enemies and ensuring that you can secure a kill.


  • Brutalist: If you want to play a strength based class that just beats everyone up in South Park: The Fractured But Whole then consider the Brutalist. This power set is solely focused on outputting damage at close range or knocking enemies into each other. This is a perfect starting point if you want a tank build and the damage output on its Ultimate ability is absolutely fantastic.


  • Blaster: A ranged class, the Blaster thrives on taking out multiple opponents from the backline. Even though this classes damage output is on the lower end, it’s ability to hit multiple targets cannot be underestimated. Plus, you can cause a Burning damage effect to the struck targets, allowing for even more damage. This is not a hero for the frontlines, so if you pick Blaster make sure to have some strong tanks like Super Craig or Captain Diabetes.


  • Elementalist: This is one of the first support classes in South Park: The Fractured But Whole, so if you don’t want to be a damage dealer this one is for you. The Elementalist’s powers focus on status effects such as freezing opponents in place or healing your allies. This classes Ultimate unleashes a fairly large Area of Effect (AoE) that Chills and Shocks targets. If you want to work on a debuff build this is the best place to start.


  • Cyborg: The Cyborg is all about controlling space and manipulating enemy movements. While you do have some knockback effects, the Fatal Attraction move is one of the most interesting. Instead of pushing, players pull enemies in up to four different directions. This not only causes damage, but you can tug foes into your allies to perform a knockback combo. Where the Cyborg really shines is when there are environmental hazards on the battlefield, since you can typically pull or shove your foe into them with ease.


South Park The Fractured But Whole

Collin MacGregor

  • Psychic: Balancing a mix of range and support attacks, the Psychic is a potent addition to any team. This is largely thanks to Dazzling Flash which confuses any target it hits for two turns. Given Confuse is one of the best status effects in the game, being able to hit one target in a rather large radius is wonderful move to have. Additionally, the Psychic can grant Protection to any ally and lower the defenses of opponents with a ranged mental attack. This is another ranged classes, so try to keep foes at a distance whenever you’re using it.


  • Assassin: Another melee class, the Assassin relies on melee attacks that cause Bleed damage. This allows a clever player to quickly cut down multiple foes with Spin Slash since every target hit is inflicted with Bleed. You also have a high damaging attack called Quick Cut which causes Bleed, however, there is very little range to this move. Thankfully, the Assassin has Shadow Swap which allows you to drop a bomb, swap locations with an opponent, damage them, and go Inivisble for a turn. This makes the Assasin incredibly deadly since they can strike and then vanish when swarmed.


  • Gadgeteer: This is a powerset that revolves around constructing everything from decoys to turrets in combat. When picking this class remember that you are all about stalling for time and weakening your opponents so other heroes can finish them off. Explosive decoys and long-range guns serve as your backbone but don’t be afraid if someone jumps you since the Gadgeteer can shock foes too. This class works best with other heroes or moves that cause knockback or Confusion.


  • Plantmancer: A personal favorite, the Plantmancer is a support class that has the best healing move in the game. Purifying petals not only restores a base 318 health points, but it also applies an Attack Up bonus to all nearby allies. This is a must-have move for anyone building a support character, however, the rest of the Plantmancer is a bit weird. Your other two moves are about controlling space, but they will serve you better when combined with other skills from different classes.


  • Martial Artist:  The most flexible of the melee classes, a Martial Artist has various close and ranged attacks. One is simply single target strikes with heavy knockback effects, while another not only causes knockback but Defense Down and Slow. Positioning is key with this class, so try to make use of your ability to push foes away and force them into combos. This is a very potent class, however, it only works effectively if you can really make use of the additional effects each melee move has. Otherwise, you might as well just run the Brutalist.

Remember you can always swap out other skills from different superhero archetypes if you don’t like them. This allows smart players to build their own custom tank, ranged fighter, or support hero that’s not bound by a single powerset’s moves. Whenever new classes become available always consider what benefits they could have and make sure to experiment. There’s no punishment for swapping your powers around, so give everything a try at least once before truly committing to a build.

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