South Park The Fractured But Whole: How to Use Pinwheels

South Park Kyle

Collin MacGregor

If you want to collect everything in South Park The Fractured But Whole then you will need to use the “Buddy System.” This mechanic allows the New Kid to call down one of a handful of kids to interact with specific items littered around the world. One of the most noticeable is yellow and red pinwheels that are stuck around various buildings. Sadly until you progress past a certain section you will not be able to activate these special Buddy System pinwheels.

After you complete the first the night mission, you will get a text from Kyla asking you to come over to his place. His cousin has returned and he wants you to deal with him once more so they can continue playing. When you arrive a cutscene will play and then you’ll be thrust into a relatively simply battle with Alternate Human Kite. His damage output is pretty low and even when the second foe shows up you should already have an Ultimate ready to unleash.

Once this battle is over speak with Kyle to unlock the ability to use “Fartkour” which allows you to briefly launch into the air. To use this ability simply hold down the left trigger and bring the cursor over a pinwheel. Hold down the interact button until the gauge is filled and then approach the hologram of a kid that appears. Now all you have to do is complete a small mini-game where you time pressing the Triangle (PS4/ Y (Xbox One) when it appears.

This move is incredibly useful for obtaining special artifacts, rare materials, consumables, and hidden costumes. Whenever you are exploring make sure to check for pinwheels, as they usually indicate special loot hidden somewhere. Remember you will need to switch between your Buddy Powers when you scan an item.

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