Splatoon 2 Splatfest Results: Vampires Scare Werewolves

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Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

The results are in for Splatoon 2’s Vampires vs. Werewolves Splatfest. It looks like Vampires scared away the Werewolves in a landslide victory, taking top honors in all three criteria for winning.

Both teams were first judged on who had the most people sign up for their team. Vampires were the most popular with 54 percent of Splatfest players signing up for the team.

The two teams were then judged on who had the most wins across solo and team matches. Solo matches had individuals put into teams and team matches let friends got together as groups so they could fight each other. Vampires achieved the most wins for both solo and team matches, earning 51 and 52 percent of wins respectively.

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Screenshot by Jack Fennimore

Splatfest is where players choose between two teams and then battle it out with each other in Turf War matches. For this Splatfest, players chose which Halloween monster was better: Vampires or Werewolves. People on the winning side earn slightly more Super Sea Snails which are used to add new ability slots to gear or replace an ability while granting you the old ability chunk.

During the last Splatfest, Team Flight won over Team Invisibility. Team Invisibility was slightly more popular than Flight but Flight won the majority of both solo and team matches. The Splatfest for Flight vs. Invisibility actually had quite a bit of a delay in tallying up the results because the results for both the Splatfests in America and Europe were combined.

The latest Splatfest in Europe occurred from October 7 to October 8 and asked players if they prefer hanging toilet paper facing the front or the back. As you can imagine, there was a heated debate on both sides. The Splatfest in Japan going on right now asks if players would rather have high agility or high endurance.

Here’s a list compiling the results of all the Splatfests.

Nintendo promised Splatfest support for at least two years after the launch of the game, giving us plenty of opportunities for Splatfests in the future.

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