Star Wars Battlefront 2 Beta: How to Get Loot Crates

Star Wars Battlefront 2

Following the same trend as other multiplayer-focused shooters, Star Wars Battlefront 2 is introducing a loot crate system. Despite still being in beta, players can get a taste of this mechanic and the rewards that can receive. Unlike traditional loot crate based games like Overwatch, you actually don’t earn these items by simply leveling up. Instead, players can either purchase them via credits or by completing timed challenges.

The easiest way to earn loot crates is simply by playing the game and obtaining credits to spend via normal challenges. You get these by finishing specific, often fairly easy objectives both on foot or in space depending on your preference. There are usually challenges for each class and they run the gambit of killing a specific amount of enemies to playing as each class for ten minutes. These will reward you anywhere from 100 to 300 credits give or take, but a skilled player can easily finish a few in one match. You can also earn credits at the end of the match, so don’t worry too much about the challenges.

After you actually obtain 1,100 credits you can go to the main menu and then highlight the “Get More Crates” option. From here simply select which of the three crates you want to unlock. Each one contains three items, with all three crates guaranteeing either a Trooper, Starfighter, or Hero card.

Star Wars Battlefront 2’s other method for obtaining loot crates is by finishing special timed challenges. These will expire at a certain time and date, so we recommend finishing them as soon as you can.  Not every timed challenged will guarantee a crate, but most of them appear to offer this item as a reward. These challenges aren’t that difficult either, but they will require a bit more time since some are tied to playing as a hero or a specific class.

Once you earn these crates they can be found at the main menu where the “Get More Crates” icon is displayed. Most of the loot boxes you will earn are tied to specific classes, so these are a nice way to buff up your arsenal. Make sure to equip any Star Cards you obtain as these can give you a distinct advantage over others.

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