Super Mario Odyssey: How To Get The Moon Atop The Inverted Pyramid

Super Mario Odyssey

Even though you have the option to leave kingdoms pretty early in Super Mario Odyssey, it pays off to stick around and explore more to find several secrets you may have missed. For example, in the Sand Kingdom if you look up you’ll see the floating inverted pyramid structure.

If you use the electric power lines with Cappy to get your way to the top of the pyramid, you see a spot that you have to ground pound. What makes things difficult is the fact that this spot is moving around rapidly and it’s pretty hard to lock down the location to spot will be. Even if you’re able to guess where the spot will be, you’ll quickly find that it’s impossible to actually ground pound as it will sink into the ground and pop up away from you every time.

Super Mario Odyssey

What you’ll need to do is utilize Cappy to solve this puzzle. Instead of trying to ground pound the spot while it’s moving, don’t you think it’d be easier if the spot was stationary instead? We did too so all we did was throw Cappy at the spot to stun it. In the brief time that the spot is stunned, just make your way over to it as Mario and ground pound it to obtain a Moon.

You may recognize the Inverted Pyramid as the spot of one of the boss battles in the Sand Kingdom. This time around we have a pretty easy way up with the power lines and you do have the option to go back inside of the pyramid from the top and get any goodies you may have missed the first time around.

The Sand Kingdom, well, actually, all of the kingdoms, are filled with puzzles like this that are requiring you to think fast on your feet. Super Mario Odyssey encourages exploration so make sure to not rush through this game.

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