Super Mario Odyssey: How to Unlock All The Kingdoms

Super Mario Odyssey


Super Mario Odyessy is the new smash hit from Nintendo thanks to its polished gameplay, gorgeous art direction, and catchy music. However, the real standout for this title has to be the beautiful and imaginative Kingdoms that you get to explore. Many of them you will discover during your normal journey through the main story, but some are actually hidden away. There are 17 of these levels, each of which is full of Power Moons, new enemies, and tons of secrets.

Thankfully, only two of these Kingdoms need to actually be unlocked through other means. Here is every Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey and how to unlock them.

  • Cap Kingdom – Story
  • Cascade Kingdom – Story
  • Sand Kingdom – Story
  • Lake Kingdom – Story
  • Wooded Kingdom – Story
  • Cloud Kingdom – Story
  • Lost Kingdom – Story
  • Metro Kingdom – Story
  • Snow Kingdom – Story
  • Seaside Kingdom – Story
  • Luncheon Kingdom – Story
  • Ruined Kingdom – Story
  • Bowser’s Kingdom – Story
  • Moon Kingdom – Story
  • Mushroom Kingdom – Beat the Main Story
  • Dark Side – Collect 250 Power Moons
  • Darker Side – Collect 500 Power Moons

The two endgame levels that players can obtain are located on the moon and comprise the game’s greatest challenges. Dark Side is a boss rush level that forces players to battle through all of the Broodals without any checkpoints. You’ll then have to kill the mech that was located in Bowser’s Castle before you’re free to run around. This section can be tricky if you try to just beat it as quickly as possible.

If you’re looking for a more traditional platforming challenge then you’ll want to unlock the Darker Side. Acting as the final challenge for Super Mario Odyessy, this section can only be unlocked once you obtain 500 Power Moons.  Keep in mind there are no checkpoints in this level, so you’ll need to complete it in a single run – good luck. This Kingdom follows the series tradition of hiding its ultra challenging level at the very end of the game.

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