Supply Drop in Battlefield 1: In The Name Of The Tsar Boasts New Multiplayer

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The Online Multiplayer modes available, in Battlefield 1, are a veritable buffet. The multiplayer is hopefully why you purchased the game in the first place and game modes like Operations, Conquest, and Domination don’t let you down.

These classic Battlefield 1 multiplayer modes pack in all the excitement you’ve come to expect but if you aren’t easily satisfied; Battlefield 1 has a total of 7 different online multiplayer modes to choose from. That’s enough to slake even the greatest of appetites. Here’s what you need to know about the newest addition.

Time To Explore Every Bit Of The New Maps & Use Every Perfect Detail Of The Environment To Your Advantage

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It’s Supply Drop, In The Name Of The Tsar, the newest expansion, and this is the newest game mode available in Battlefield 1 Multiplayer action. Get ready because the sky is falling and you have to catch it.

Make your way over snowy peaks, nestle in the trees, poke your rifle out of a crack in the boulder, and turn the amazing realness of the new levels be your greatest advantage in this game mode. A good hiding place is always an advantage and it doesn’t mean camping.

Use the natural surroundings as your fortifications. Gain height and keep above your opponents. Drop down behind them, create a hail of gunfire, or rain down explosives. It won’t take long for you to be leading each round and soon you’ll be the master of the newest multiplayer arena, Supply Drop.

It’s Hard To Be Everywhere But It’s Not As Hard To See Everywhere

Battlefield 1 – Lupkow Pass TrailerThe trailer footage was provided by Battlefield community members, as I wasn't able to record during that period. Trailer features different perspectives from different players while being recorded at specific settings we all agreed on, to keep the consistency in every clip. It took me around a week to sort all footage from everyone and…2017-07-28T04:29:07.000Z

Get some height, some trees, a hill, or anything to give you protection with good sight lines, of the incoming crates. Even if you are set up for close combat, stay back and look supply drop over. Rushing in and getting there first is less sweet when you’re sniped immediately. Fight off the first wave and recon from distance.

Let your team or squad set up around you. See where their snipers are and choose a path to the objective that will be safer. Start to move in if built for the hard, close-combat around the drop or stay on over-watch.

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Its important to remember, you should use each squad member as an advantage. A squad of 5 snipers will not always have the balance you need to win against decent competition. Use tactics rather than sheer force, like in conquest, and drop in some mortars. You would be amazed at how good they are in Supply Drop.

Focus on what your team needs. Fill the role needed, but position yourself well at all times. Don’t just rush in to the Supply Drop because they last longer than you think. Get some kills by moving into a great location and being patient. Then move in with support and numbers.

It’s a great new game type. It will require comfort with controls and will quickly help you learn the newer maps of the expansion. The game type benefits those with a sharp mind and not just sniping skill. Which makes it a great change of pace when you’re annoyed with another game type.

Give Supply Drop a try. Use teamwork and exploit your opponent’s bad positioning with vision. Stick together and be mobile with your squad to dominate this rotating king of the hill.

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