The Last of Us Part 2: Who is the Cult?

the last of us part 2 cult, the last of us part 2 trailer


“They are nested with sin,” someone says as she is about to gut and hang a woman. Later she orders someone to break the arms after they refuse to answer where the “apostate,” or someone who abandons a religion, is. After she and her accomplice are killed, one of the rescuers is reluctant to save the woman being hanged because she is “one of them.” Then a clicker attacks.

This was all in the latest trailer for The Last of Us: Part II. The game was first revealed last December as part of the annual PlayStation Experience event and this is the latest on the game since. We know that the game will reunite the original game’s protagonists Ellie and Joel, but neither one appeared in the new trailer.

But from the trailer, we can see that a cult will play a pivotal role in the game. It appears that the woman being hanged was a former member who rejected the cult’s ideals and sentenced to death for doing so. The other woman who spat in the leader’s face may be a former member as well or just someone close to a sort of resistance movement against them. She may also be just one of the many “apostates” of the cult. The people who save her may be part of a resistance or just survivors minding their own business.

The original game didn’t have many human enemies outside of the military and marauders, so maybe human enemies will be much more prominent in the sequel. Maybe they kidnapped Joel and Ellie has to go in and rescue him.

Entertainment media revolving around zombies have often explored how society would reform and function in the wake of an outbreak. The Last of Us is no stranger to twisted organizations forming in the wake of the apocalypse. Just look at David and his band of cannibalistic survivors. Part 2 looks set to tackle how societies use religion to get by.

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see how everything pans out. That wait may be for a while as a release date hasn’t been announced yet.