WWE 2K18: 5 Ways To Fix Road To Glory


WWE 2K18 has something resembling a killer mode hiding under the surface. Tucked away in MyPlayer is the ‘Road To Glory’ mode – it’s an online league of sorts that has you competing against other created superstars for stars and experience in order to qualify for the monthly PPV.

If MyCareer is too bland, and WWE Universe is too open, ‘Road To Glory’ strikes a balance between the two. It’s a lot of fun to pit your CAW against your opponents with something actually on the line.

And perhaps most shocking; if you know what you’re doing, these matches are really quite good. So good someone was actually *nice* to me on Xbox Live, thanking me for the best match he ever had in Road To Glory mode.

However, there are many problems plaguing ‘Road To Glory’ that often makes the mode that reeks of awesomeness, reek of something…else.

Thus, here are five ways the folks at 2K Games can ‘fix’ ‘Road To Glory’

1. Tighten Up The Servers

This one goes without saying. A WWE game with server problems isn’t anything new; previous iterations disconnecting players from downloading community creations, featuring heavy lag, and so on.

While lag isn’t a major problem this year, what *is* a major problem finding another player to lock up with. This could be due to not enough players in the mode, or due to server issues involving match-making.

Regardless, getting into an actual game in ‘Road To Glory’ can take a long, long, time, especially if you’re in one of the qualified PPV events. Then you have to cross your fingers and hope the connection holds through the loading into the actual match.

If the developers can fix this problem, they’d be fixing perhaps the biggest headache in the mode for players.

2. More Match Types Options Per Night

‘Road To Glory’ features a different match every night, often syncing up with the theme of the given show. For example prior to TLC, players were involved in ladder matches and table matches the first week of qualification.

The problem is that gimmick matches aren’t the most…fun when playing online. Especially if the matches are glitched – as was the case with Last Man Standing, which saw it impossible to hit the button to get up properly.

Plus, generally speaking, the jankiness of the targeting when holding weapons or items makes using the various gimmicks *in* a gimmick match less fun. The idea of a death-defying leap off a ladder, or even putting someone through a table is a frustrating one, not an extreme or exciting one.

If there’s always a normal match option on a given night, it’ll engender players who want straight up competition to return to the mode every night and climb the rankings.

3. More Obvious Rankings

Part of competing against real-life online opponents is knowing you’re better than other people at the game. It’s a competition after all, and knowing just how *good* you are is a great reason to keep coming back to assert your dominance.

WWE 2K18 could take a page from Madden 18 or UFC 2’s book in this regard; with tiers denoting just how good you are the game – and heightened rewards for staying that way. In Madden 18 especially it’s shockingly easy to figure out where you rank against the best of the best.

Currently you can tell how experienced a WWE 2K18 player is by how many stars they have. However that doesn’t tell you how *good* they are, how many matches they’ve won, and what their global ranking is.

4. More Attribute Points

WWE 2K18 Road To Glory

2K Games

It’s more likely WWE will clear Daniel Bryan to wrestle before I come across another attribute point playing the ‘Road To Glory’ mode. After rising up the levels, qualifying for PPV events, and winning lots of matches, I’ve only gained three points through this mode.

Which means if I want my wrestler to be better, I need to dive back into the MyCareer mode, which is the single player experience that seeks to replicate the life of a WWE Superstar in between insanely long loading screens.

Additionally, you never know the OVR rating of your opponent.

If WWE 2K18 gave players attribute points for win-streaks, event qualification, or leveling up – and you got to see what your opponent’s OVR is, you’d be better prepared and more confident in your ability to rise up the ranks.

5. Item Specific Loot Crates / Better PPV Rewards

Road To Glory WWE 2K18

Loot Crates are the new ‘DLC’ baby. Thankfully, WWE 2K18 doesn’t charge you -real-money for these crates that contain moves, clothing items, boosts, and in-game currency. Instead you have to buy them from money you earn in matches; and the better your match, the more money you earn.

However, due to the randomized nature of these boxes, you’re often unlocking things you don’t want; masks, clothes, tag-team moves.

What WWE 2K18 should do is change the loot crates to be move, clothes, or random. Meaning you get to pick a focus for a given loot crate, increasing your chances to get useful things.

Most frustrating is the total bummer of a reward you get for beating the ‘main event’ of this past PPV against The Miz. I thought perhaps I’d get a precious attribute point, or a slew of hot moves.

No. I got a mask. A red mask.


Ultimately, ‘Road To Glory’ is a delight if you can get past the annoyance of the gimmick matches being not fun, the delay in connecting to opponents, and being in the dark regarding how good your opponent is and just how good *you* are.

This mode is a wonderful first step, and literally the best thing in WWE 2K18. Hopefully 2K Games intends to keep it in and improve it – ideally this year, as paying another 60 dollars next year for iterative improvements is the kind of prospect no one is getting hyped for.

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