Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: 10 Campsite Design Ideas

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp campsite design

Jack Fennimore

Are you at a loss on how to best set up your campsite? Tired of the same old designs that have your campsite just vaguely look like a living room without walls? Well roughing it doesn’t mean that your campsite has to look rough.

Here are 10 ideas to help you craft the campsite of your dreams.

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1. Restaurant

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a number of food-related furniture items including rice balls, tea, and pizza that somehow takes seven hours to craft (we better get free delivery for that). Arrange chairs around tables and place a food item on them. That way your animal friends can look like they’re all enjoying a tasty meal together. Go one step further and create a spot where animals can place orders and a cooking section with items from the Kitchen set. You can also do different themed restaurants such as a pizzeria with the Brick Oven you get by completing Ketchup’s special request, or an ice cream parlor complete with the Ice-Cream Display you get by completing Peanut’s special request and the Shaved Ice you get by completing Roald’s special request. You could also build a long line of tables with drinks on them for a bar or turn it into a cafe and have K.K. come over by placing his special furniture item.

You can go one extra step further and recreate Guy Fieri and have him visit your Diner, Drive-in, or Dive. Just get the Flame Shirt from the Able Sisters at the Market Place and the flame decal by spending 150 Leaf Tickets at OK Motors.

2. Concert Area

For musically inclined campers, a concert space is perfect. It’ll take a bit of time to set it up but it will be worth it.

You can craft an electric guitar and drum set as well as various equipment like speakers and amps. Many of the campers who prefer cool-themed items like Apollo and Tex have electric instruments as their special furniture item you can acquire if you reach friendship level 10 or 15 with them and complete their request.

The most important thing to do is build the Rock Stage amenity. To do that, you need to first upgrade the Street Set to level five after upgrading the Cool Tent to level three. It’s a good investment either way as cool-themed amenities raise the max friendship level of cool-preferring campers. Once you’ve done that, arrange your electrical equipment around the stage and place some chairs in front of it for an audience.

3. Playground

animal crossing pocket camp


You can build an adorable playground thanks to the many toy-themed furniture items. It’s also bound to attract guests who prefer cute stuff.

Toy furniture is a must. Get the Elephant Slide by adding Butch to your contacts and the Baby Bear by adding Bunnie to your contacts. You can also pair the items with the Kiddie series of furniture to turn the playground into a playroom.

Of course no playground is complete without the Jungle Gym. You unlock it when you add Butch to your contact list.

4. Muscle Beach/Resort

animal crossing pocket camp pool


Many of the sporty items have workout equipment like Weight Benches and Barbells. Other sporty items include Beach Chairs, Surfboards, and other beach items. What do you get when you combine the two? A muscle beach or resort. Nothing says roughing it like building muscle while working on that sweet tan.

Complete the look with a Pool Set, which is unlocked after upgrading the Half-Pipe to level five after you upgrade the sporty tent to level three.

5. Space Port

Jack Fennimore

The great outdoors is the perfect place to build a space port to conduct all of your secret experiments (you know, for science!). For this one you’ll need the Space Shuttle from Filbert’s special request because you can’t have a space port without something to go into space with. For your command center you’ll need the Spherical Radar from Kid Cat’s special request as well as the Laptop which you can craft after you add Hopkins to your contacts. Also get some Propane Tanks and Oil Drums from the Market Place to store your rocket fuel and put up fences to keep intruders out of your top secret missions. The Flower Pop Carpet you get by adding Cheri to your contacts would make a nice launch pad.

6. Theatrical Stage

animal crossing pocket camp rare fish

Jack Fennimore

The show must go on even in the middle of a forest. The Tree Standee and Grass Standee you unlock by adding Alfonso to your contact list are the perfect backdrop for your stage. Then just add other items to serve as props for your actors. Speaking of which, puts some chairs or intractable items like lamps or instruments to get campers on your stage. Also line up some chairs to build an audience.

And if you happen to have Hamlet come to your campsite, that would just be perfect.

7. Jail

Since animal friends have a tendency to sit in the chairs you place in the campsite, that can make for some pretty entertaining if a bit creepy camp designs. Some users have placed tall fences like the White Lattice Wall around the chairs to create an animal prison. Campers will be able to sit in the chairs even though you can’t.

They’re probably behind all the connection error messages so they get what they deserve.

8. Garden

Jack Fennimore

Take some of the outside nature and put it in your campsite. There are plenty of potted plants you can create in the game. Line them up neatly or in a cool pattern. Specialize in one crop like the Cacao tree or have a variety of plants. And let’s not forget the Garden Tools you get by adding Charlise to your contacts, and other items like the Tractor from Tad’s special request or the Greenhouse Box from Maggie’s special request.

9. Soccer Field

animal crossing pocket camp sporty


Another great fit for sporty campers, you can make a pretty convincing soccer field thanks to a few items from one camper. You’ll of course need the Soccer-Field Rug and Soccer Ball, which you get by adding Hamlet to your contacts page. Then you’ll need to reach friendship level 15 with Hamlet and complete his special request to get the Soccer Goal.

10. Let’s Just Get Weird

Want to create a campsite where campers do nothing but turn on and off a lamp all day? Want to create a camp where campers just sit forward on chairs while staring at you? Then go ahead. Just be prepared to lose some friends along the way.

Do you have any fun ideas for campsite designs? Let us know in the comment section below.

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