Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get Essence

Jack Fennimore

During your time in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, you’ll come across a plethora of different items, bugs, fish, and decorations that can be collected. Some of these items uses are quite obvious, while others remain rather cryptic until you progress further into the game. One of these objects is Essence which can come in four different forms. Displayed as a colored liquid in a jar, Essence at first appears to have no real usefulness outside of simply selling them for Bells. Thankfully, this changes once you reach a high enough level in Animal Crossing Pocket Camp.

After obtaining rank 5, players will unlock the ability to add amenities to their camp. These objects are not only some of coolest looking decorations in the game but can give some of your animal friends a significant boost to their individual experience. In order to construct amenities, you’ll need a significant amount of Bells but also a fair amount of a specific Essence. All of the Essence bottles are based on the four themes that KK Slider and Isabelle ask you about in the beginning of the game. They are:

  • Cool
  • Sporty
  • Natural
  • Cute

These are obtained through various means with the most common being rewards given to you for leveling up a specific animal friend. Every character falls into one of these four themes, so whenever you level one up they will gift you the Essence based on their preferred theme. An example of this is Eloise who likes Natural themed furniture so she will then reward you with Natural Essence.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, Essence

Another popular way to obtain Essence is by simply completing Stretch Goals and Timed Goals. Either one of these can reward a substantial amount of Essence, so it pays to complete them. Always check your Timed Goals whenever you log on to see if Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is offering any of these rare liquids. Essence is also given as a Log-In bonus, but the quantity is quite small so it’s not a reliable way to obtain them. Finally you can gather Essence by completing the Quarry mini-game, however, this item is not always a guarantee. You can check and see what the special reward is for the Quarry by looking at the item hovering over the location on your map.

Since you will not be able to add a second amenity until you reach rank 10, it’s quite possible to run out of room for them in your inventory. Thankfully, you can sell these items for a fair amount of Bells without ever needing to visit a vendor. Simply open up your Item menu, tab over to them, and then his “Sell.” We recommend not selling your Essence unless you need to clear room in your inventory for more of the same type. Otherwise, these potions are best saved for when you want to build a new or upgrade an existing amenity.

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