Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Level Up Animal Friends

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Jack Fennimore

One of the core components of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is meeting various animals in the campground, befriending them, and eventually inviting these critters to your camp. This mechanic is tied directly to leveling up your character and earning new furniture for your villager. Understanding how to level up an animal will be critical to your success.

Once you finish the main tutorial, players will be let loose on the world of Animal Crossing Pocket Camp. From here, users can explore various sections such as a beach, river, island, and the user’s actual campground. There will always be one animal per location, however, which ones is completely randomized based on the friends that are unlocked. Additionally, ever animal can only have around four favors gifted to them at any time. After this, they will lock and players will need to wait until they reappear before increasing their level once more.

To actually rank up a friend there are three different methods, with the easiest being simply asking for a story from them. Not every animal will offer one, but if they do you will instantly receive a small bonus amount of experience that can usually fill up half a heart. The most common method is simply by gifting an animal with a fruit, bug, or fish that they desire. This is displayed by a symbol over their head, followed by how many they want of that particular item. All you need to do is simply bring them what they want and they will give your villager a boost of XP not only to their main level but the character level as well.


However, as the game goes on the items that the animal friend’s need will become exceedingly rarer. This starts to kick in around a friend rank of level 7, so make sure to start saving up all the various creatures you come across. The final way to rank up your friends is via amenities, which are special buildings that become available at Rank 5. When implemented they will give your animals a rather significant boost if their typing matches the typing of the amenity that’s constructed. You can have up to two amenities at any one time once your camp is upgraded.

This is a great way to quickly rank up multiple friends, so make sure to buy up the various amenities when you have the opportunity. Remember, this is really the only way to obtain new crafting furniture since every player rank will unlock new sets. If you are having issues finding the right item to gift your animals make sure to check out the Market Boxes. These are a fantastic source for purchasing key items that you are missing. As for obtaining rare items, using your Leaf Tickets for nets and honeypots are great for acquiring large amounts of items to either sell or use. Leveling up your friends is truly vital, so make sure to always have this be your key priority when playing.

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