Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Where to Get Daily Rewards (Mailbox)

Nintendo’s newest mobile title has officially released and it’s just as adorable as we’d expect. Called Animal Crossing Pocket Camp, this title brings the addictive slice of life gameplay to phones and it’s wonderful. This mobile version of the series also brings the various genre staples such as Daily Rewards, which act as a nice incentive for players to log on every day. These will begin as soon as you finish the opening tutorial of the game and set up your first tent back at the campsite.

Whenever you earn something from a Daily Reward, Timed Goal, or Stretch Goal then you will have those items moved to your Mailbox. Despite the name, this section is not actually located anywhere on the main map. Instead, the Mailbox is in your More Options tab. To access the Mailbox, finish the tutorial and then click on the icon with the four small boxes in the bottom right corner.  This will open up the More Options tab where you can select “Mailbox” in the top row on the left.

You can also access the Mail Box via a tab in the top right corner of your main game screen. Just click the small half circle with three grey lines in it and then tap the mailbox icon. Once opened players can view and obtain all of the items they have been gifted. Keep in mind there is a 30 day limit for these items so make sure to grab them or they will be lost forever.

There are three different ways to obtain loot via your Mailbox with the first being Log-in Bonuses. These items can be obtained in the Misc section under the More Options tab. We highly recommend grabbing these every day as the rewards can be pretty substantial. Log-in Bonuses range from several thousand Bells to clothing to Leaf Tickets. Make sure to always grab these items when you are playing Animal Cross Pocket Camp.

The second way is through Timed Goals which are mini-quests that will reward the player with crafting materials or in-game items.  These are never too taxing and may only require a few minutes to complete, especially if you get a Timed Goal based around collecting fruit. Users will have roughly 9 hours to complete each goal before a new one is added and the rewards can be obtained in the Mailbox. When you completed a Timed Goal click on the Isabelle icon in the top right and then select your reward. The item will instantly move to your Mailbox where it can be added to your inventory. Remember, a new goal will not appear when you finish one until the designated time has expired.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s final Mailbox focus loot system are Stretch Goals which are far lengthier objectives. Thankfully, there is no timer associated with them so most players will finish these quests during their time with the game. These rewards are more substantial so make sure to always try and finish Stretch Goals whenever possible. It’s a great way to acquire items like Leaf Notes.

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