Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Get the Santa Clothes

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Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s first holiday focused event is here and players are already trying to obtain every piece of new clothing and furniture available.  Revolving around Christmas, users will now be able to construct special items such as a giant snow globe, snowman, and various other decorations. One of the new item sets introduced with this event is a Santa outfit. There are five pieces in total for this clothing set, four of which will need to be earned by completing various Timed Goals. Here’s a quick rundown of how to get each piece for this set.

1. Santa Hat

This is the easiest item in the set to obtain simply because it’s given to players completely free of charge. In order to get this item, just log into Animal Crossing Pocket Camp during the holiday event and open up your Mailbox in the top right corner. The hat should be available for players so just hit collect and you’re good to go. Remember, all clothing pieces can be equipped in the Items menu under the clothes tab.

2. Santa Pants

The first of the Timed Goal items, to obtain these stylish britches players must complete 30 requests for visiting animals. Keep in mind when the game says “requests” they aren’t including listening to any of the stories that these critters want to tell. Requests only count if you give them something in exchange for experience towards their heart meter. Every animal can only have 3 favors performed for them before they rotate so users will need to wait in order to complete this. Once 30 favors have been completed, go to your Mailbox to collect the reward.

3. Santa Skirt

Perhaps one of the most time intensive pieces to obtain, the Santa Skirt is only unlocked after completing 70 animal requests. We know that sounds like a lot, but don’t panic as Animal Crossing Pocket Camp gives players 25 days to complete this Timed Goal. Simply work your way through this one and try to complete at least 5 to 10 requests a day. This is a fairly easy piece to obtain, it will just take a lot of time.

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Holiday Event

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4. Santa Boots

In order to acquire the Santa Boots players will need to build the Jingle Checked Rug in the crafting section of the game. There are no additional requirements, however, building the rug itself will cost 300 Bels and 50 Candy Canes. The latter is a new crafting material specifically for this event and can be earned only a few different ways. Focus on completing Timed Goals as those give out the most amount of Candy Canes. Additionally, Candy Canes can be earned in small amounts via completing requests from the animals.

5. Santa Coat

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp’s final holiday related clothing item is the Santa Coat. If you want to wear this item then users will need to construct the Jingle Fence. This item can be found in the crafting menu for the price of 300 Bells and 50 Candy Canes.  Just like the Santa Boots, focus on finishing Timed Goals and completing as many favors as you can. The Santa Coat and Boots are going to take the longest to obtain if you don’t use your early Candy Cane rewards to purchase the required items to unlock them.

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