Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: Top 5 Tricks You Need to Know

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The newest mobile game from Nintendo has officially released and it’s taking the world by storm. Animal Crossing Pocket Camp tasks players with the ability to create their own villager and then complete various tasks for the different animals. Users can also collect various furniture pieces, clothes, and various animals. However, there are a few things that players should focus on when experiencing this charming mobile game.

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1. Shake Empty Trees

Typically trees are used to either catch bugs resting on the trunk or as a source of fruit to give friends. Yet, empty trees can also be a decent source of acquiring additional Bells to spend. When you’re out exploring the world, make sure to run up to every empty tree and tap them. This will cause your villager to shake the tree and possibly drop down a bag of Bells. Not every tree will give you something extra, but it’s still worth it to check every time you enter a new area. The amount of Bells you can earn ranges between 100 and 1,000, which can certainly help pay off all those camper loans.

2. Use Your Market Box

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp Market Box

Collin MacGregor

While Animal Crossing Pocket Camp has a few online features, one that tends to go overlooked is the Market Box. This online framer’s market allows players to sell various fruits, vegetables, and bugs to others. Even though the max price for objects is already set, players can make a rather healthy amount of money. Common items will typically go for 100 Bell, Rare items are about 1,000, and exceedingly rare objects can push upwards of tens of thousands. Because of this, players should always sell excess items – especially if their inventory is getting full. Additionally, make sure to not sell any of your ultra rare items despite their high asking price. It’s not worth losing it and getting stuck on leveling a friend up.

3. Buy Multiple Amenities

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Collin MacGregor

There are a lot of different items you can obtain in this title, but one you should focus on are amenities. These background items may look like they exist to just add a visual flair to your camp, their benefits are far more than that. Whenever you finish and then implement an amenity it will increase the level of any animal friend you’ve met that falls into a specific category. These themes are cool, cute, sporty, and natural each of which is tied to every animal and piece of furniture in the game.

Considering Amenities can upgrade multiple characters at once, it pays to purchase them all at one point or another. Since you can have two out at any time when you hit Level 10, try to have each one focus on different traits. Keep in mind, upgrading a specific amenity will not add more experience to your friends.

4. Use Your Leaf Tickets Wisely

Jack Fennimore

Leaf Tickets are the second in-game currency that players will interact with a variety of different features and purchase various items. While it can be tempting to blow your Leaf Tickets on quarry trips and fancy furniture we don’t recommend this. Instead, use these tickets for nets and honeypots to catch various wildlife roaming around. These will almost always yield a better chance of catching something rare, which can make them very valuable in the late game. Plus, at only 15 tickets a pop, they are quite cheap compared to other items in the game. Always focus on using these tickets to advance your standing with the various animals and not short-term monetary gain.

5. Make Friends

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

An obvious, but often overlooked feature is the ability to make friends online. Having a plethora of friends not only opens up your access to various, rare resources but gives you a chance to enter the Quarry with ease.  You have a limit of 100 friends and we suggest that you always try to hit this limit when playing. Having a large pool of Market Boxes to sift through can be invaluable. This opens up a ton of resources that can easily save a ton of time. Plus, you can give kudos to all these people and earn Friend Powder which is quite rare. Always add friends you come across, it’s one of the best ways to quickly grow your camp without issue.

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