Animal Crossing Pocket Camp: How to Upgrade Your Camp

Jack Fennimore

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp is the latest Nintendo game that’s bringing the company’s trademark charm to mobile devices. In this title, players will create their own villager and go out explore the surrounding campgrounds. Users can complete favors for friends, fish, catch bugs, sell items online, and dress in the latest clothes. One of the biggest draws is customizing a personal campsite that can be shown off when other players visit your world. Given there is a ton of different items you can add to your campsite, it’s rather easy to make this location feel personal.

When you start the game the main campsite will be broken up into two sections. The first is the tent in the background which is called an amenity. This item cannot be altered right away so don’t worry about it for now. The second is the actual campground surrounding your tent where all of your furniture can be placed. Both of these areas are used to woo various animals roaming the

Animal Crossing Pocket Camp

Collin MacGregor

Sadly, players cannot add more grid space to their campground at the time of writing this, however, users can expand their amenities. The first real upgrade made to one’s campsite will not happen until they hit Level 5. This will unlock the ability to craft the first set of amenities which will give a campsite a specific boost to one either cool, sport, cute, or natural themed animals. Amenities are a great way to quickly level up multiple friends, so make sure to always try and add one to a camp.

Keep in mind, amenities cost several thousand Bells and require a substantial amount of resources to make. Additionally, these creations will take hours to make so don’t expect to obtain their benefits anytime soon. Once they are completed, players can then go into their crafting menu and upgrade their levels. Upgrading an amenity to Level 3 will unlock another set of them for players to use or swap out with. Again, this takes a lot of money to do so only spend the Bells if you have a surplus amount.

The next real upgrade comes at Level 10 where users gain the ability to add a second amenity to their campsite. Unless a player is going for a specific theme or general style, we recommend mixing two different types to ensure maximum experience gained. To quickly level up, make sure to always speak with the various friends scattered about the campgrounds. Each one has a story to tell, which will add some points to the Friendship Heart above their heads. Always try to complete favors, which boil down to have a specific item(s) they want. It’s fairly simple and most of the items early on are fairly common or can be purchased in Market Boxes.

Level 5 should be very easy to hit, especially if you just focus on making all the other animals happy. We recommend saving some Bells early for the first amenity since ours cost 11,000. Also, players can upgrade the inside of their camper by visiting the mechanics in the top right corner. However, they will place the player on a loan system so it’s easier to pay them back.

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