Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies: Gas Valve Locations

Call of Duty WWII

The newest edition of Call of Duty has released upon the masses and it’s looking to revamp the classic multiplayer gameplay. One section that has received a ton of love is the Nazi Zombies component, which has vastly grown in popularity since its original concept back in 2008. The newest map The Final Reich sees players exploring a Nazi-controlled town that has a secret lab hidden below the surface. It’s up to your team of four to uncover the various secrets hidden within this Call of Duty: WWII level.

Unlike some other Nazi Zombie games, this one actually has a pseudo quest for players to follow. This will not only advance the world (and even give you new weapons!) but offer the chance to actually win this mode. One of the first tasks you’ll need to complete is blowing open the entrance to the sewers in the town square. When you start the game, spend the first round killing the various zombies that crawl out through the windows and doors. They are very easy to dispatch so save your ammo and just beat them to death with a shovel. Continue doing this until round three and then turn and unlock the gate the Quick Revive machine.

Once you examine the large bunker door your quest will change to blowing open the sewer so you can turn the power on. This is done by finding three gas valves scattered around the map and slowly turning them without being interrupted. The first valve is directly to the right of the sewer entrance if you are looking at the bunker door. Turn right and walk past the boxes and sandbags to find it on the wall.

The second gas valve is actually by bunker door, so approach it and then turn left. You’ll find this valve around the corner against the building.  Your third and final valve actually isn’t in this area at all. From the bunker door, turn around and head towards the Quick Revive area. However, hang a right before you pass through the gates and unlock the door there. You should see the final valve on the hill by a glass window.

Go and turn this machine, however, be ready because a zombie always pops out and attacks you in the window. Quickly dispatch him and then turn the final valve to jumpstart the power. Now return to the center and press the button by the grate on the floor to blow it up.  This will cause several new types of zombies called “Pests” to crawl up and attack the player. They are very weak, but also incredibly fast and fully capable of swarming users in seconds. Dispatch all of them, drop down and start the power to open the bunker door and unlock the next section of Nazi Zombies.

This is a fairly straightforward section, but if you ever have trouble finding the valves look for black cables on the ground. There are three that lead back to a gas tank which has three lights on it. Once all three are gree then you know the sewer can be opened.

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