Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies: Top 10 Tips and Tricks

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

Call of Duty: WWII is aiming to be one of the biggest FPS (first person shooter) titles of the year thanks to its polished multiplayer and new campaign. However, one of the biggest draws will be the revamped Nazi Zombies mode. Featuring a quest focused system, players will not only have to fight off hordes of the undead but solves various missions along the way. This helps give the Nazi Zombies mode a more coherent direction and can make this mode a bit trickier. We will be focusing mainly on The Final Reich level, however, many of these will transfer to future levels as well.

Here are 10 tips and tricks to help you overcome Call of Duty: WWII’s Nazi Zombies mode:

1. Communicate

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

One of the most important aspects of Nazi Zombies is often overlooked by the vast amount of players who participate. Despite having a rather simple premise, it’s vital that you can communicate with team members. Many of the quests are vaguely detailed so it’s more than likely people will miss vital clues or steps if they remain silent. Coordinating with others can not only help you finish objectives quicker but provide vital information such as witch paths are open. Always use your mic when playing Nazi Zombies, even if it’s with random users.

2. Don’t Rely on the Mystery Box

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

A common misconception in The Final Reich is that you need to get to the mystery box and hold up there. While the box does offer some of the best weapons, your focus shouldn’t be on finding it every time it vanishes. There are a lot of viable weapons scattered around the map for you to use and many of them -especially when upgraded – are sufficient on their own. Some great alternatives are the Trench Shotgun, M1928, and the BAR. Hunting down the Mystery Box can easily consume precious resources and ultimately lead to your demise.

3. Prioritize Pests

Call of Duty WWII Zombies

There are several different types of undead that you will come across, but the most annoying to deal with are “Pests.” These armless, sprinting ghouls will chase after anyone they see in an attempt to bite them. What makes these zombies so troublesome is they usually move in packs and can still damage players even when they’re sprinting. Because of this, players should focus their fire on them when they rush out with the rest of the horde. Thankfully, they are fairly weak and be taken down with a few bullets or melee strikes. Pests will first arrive at Wave 5 and then slowly will be integrated into the regular waves of undead beings.

4. Share Your Jolts

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

Something a lot of players seem to forget is that the in-game currency (Jolts) can actually be shared among one another. This is done by hitting left on the d-pad which will cause a user to toss them onto the ground. Given Perks and Upgrades are rather expensive, players should always try to help others out when it comes to managing their money. Keep in mind, this should only be done in a pinch or if you have an overabundance of Holts weighing down your pockets.

5. Balance Your Specials

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

When building a team of elite zombie killers you will want to make sure that the team’s Special abilities are balanced. Having a squad of all Free Fires may seem like a great idea until someone gets downed and you cannot get to them. However, not every Special is really needed as ones like Frontline are far more situational. We recommend running a team of two Camouflages, one Free Fire and Shellshock for this mode. Having two medics can help ensure that there is always a way to save someone, while the other two Specials can give needed breathing room during the higher numbered waves.

6. Upgrade, Upgrade, Upgrade

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

Just like in the previous Nazi Zombies modes, players can upgrade their weapons to make them more powerful. Sadly, it’s not simply a matter of finding the machine in this level, users will need to unlock it first. The upgrade machine can be found in torture room that’s connected to the mortuary. It will be caged in, so users will need to flip the switch in the torture room to open three yellow pipes. Users then need to find these yellow pipes around the map and slide down so they can reach three other switches.

It doesn’t cost a lot of money to unlock the upgrade station, so consider doing it around wave 14 or 15. A single weapon upgrade will cost 5,000 Jolts so pick weapon’s like the BAR or multi-barrel rocket launcher to enhance first. Having stronger guns is critical for anyone trying to pass wave 20 as zombies become far sturdier and harder to kill.

7. Pick the Right Mods

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

There are a lot of mods in Call of Duty WWII’s Nazi Zombies mode so it can be easy to equip the wrong items. Once a user reaches rank 5 they will be able to customize their character with a handful of mods. As one continues to level up they will obtain more mods, many of which are focused on specific Specials. Try to have a balance of two universal mods and one class specific one. This will give a player more versatility and not shove them into a single defined role. It also helps that a lot of the Universal mods are really good, so make sure to pick ones that aren’t based on specific requirements like the player crouching.

For a more detailed breakdown of the best Nazi Zombies mods go here.

8. Speed Is Your Ally

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

If users really want to finish all the steps in The Final Reich then it’s imperative that they move as quickly as possible. Many of the objectives, such as assembling the Tesla Gun, can be finished in the early stages of the game. The longer a team waits around the harder finishing missions is going to become, especially when it comes to the later stages that require players to run all over the map. Aim to have the the ‘Right Hand of God’ quest available by wave 10 or 11. This will make things incredibly easy, especially with a coordinated team.

9. Purchase Buffs and Armor

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

Another returning feature is the ability to obtain various buffs such as increased damage, faster revive, or stronger melee attacks. These acquired from various vending machines that are scattered about the map for usually a couple thousand Jolts. Additionally, users can buy armor which increases the amount of damage they can sustain before falling down. Try to obtain these items whenever you have the spare Jolts, as they can easily turn the tide of a fight. If you don’t buy the various buffs at least focus on always having Armor to ensure your survival.

10. Ignore the Brutes

Call of Duty WWII Nazi Zombies

These big lugs are the second most dangerous foe in Nazi Zombies, however, players can largely ignore them. Brutes are taller, muscle-bound hulks that will walk around the map until they’re damaged. Once hit, these creatures will charge at whoever attacked them and attempt to crush their bones. They will also take swipes at anyone running by them. What’s unique is they will arrive independent of the waves, meaning they can hang around during the brief downtime offered.

We recommend just ignoring them until there are only a few zombies left. This will give users more breathing room in a fight with them and allow for a squad of four to focus their fire. Otherwise, there really is no reason to bother fighting them unless it’s absolutely necessary.

Before we go here are some smaller tips to help you out:

  • Always stay on the move.
  • The Mystery Box will always spawn in the Control Room first.
  • Only pick up a Tesla Gun if you’re using the Pack Mule mod.
  • You can’t barricade walls or windows.
  • Traps instakill almost every zombie.
  • Jack in the Box bombs refill when Max Ammo is picked up. 
  • Don’t corner yourself. 

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Nice guide, although you absolutely CAN blow a zombie in half with grenades, and they will crawl for you like in the previous games.

Collin MacGregor

Can they? I’ve tried multiple times and haven’t been able to do it. Thanks for letting me know, I’ll update the guide! Maybe I’m just unlucky haha

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