Destiny 2 Faction Rally 2: Which Faction Should You Choose?

Destiny 2

The second Faction Rallies for Destiny 2 is almost here, so it’s time for players to once again decide which group they want to join. Starting on November 7, players will be visited by the groups Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult at The Tower. Just like the first appearance, users will need to pledge themselves to one faction and then obtain Faction Tokens for them. This will not only earn players special armor and weapons but the chance to have their faction win the entire event. Whoever claims victory will offer a special weapon at a rate of 1,000 Glimmer, while the losing Faction members have to fork over 50,000 Glimmer.

Because of this, it’s detrimental that users pick the right group to align with unless they want to lose a fortune. Here’s a rundown of each Destiny 2 faction, their armor, weapons, and the final reward gun offered.

New Monarchy

New Monarchy Destiny 2

For those looking to pledge their allegiance to New Monarchy, the faction offers a rather robust assortment of weapons. This time players can earn a sniper rifle, sidearm, hand cannon, and a scout rifle. There is a rather nice balance of weapon types and ensures that there is something for everyone. The standouts are the scout rifle and hand cannon for the base Legendary weapons. New Monarchy’s scout has the Hip Fire perk, Armor Piercing Rounds, and solid base stats. As for the hand cannon, this energy weapon has Ambitious Assasin and Alloy Mag. Its base stats are decent, but it falls into the Better Devils range of fire rates.

Armor has been left unchanged and once again feature medieval designs that similar the original Iron Banner gear from the original Destiny. New Monarchy’s two shaders are different variations of red, gold, and white all of which look gorgeous.

New Monarchy Sword Destiny 2

Their reward weapon is a sword, which could be useful for PvP or PvE. This blade, called Honor’s Edge, sports some okay perks for the Crucible. Most notably the En Garde ability which lets your quick attacks deal extra damage upon swapping to this blade. Since you don’t always want to be running around with your sword, this allows players to secure a quick follow up kill. However, if you are looking for a PvE blade we cannot recommend this weapon for you.

Dead Orbit

Dead Orbit Destiny 2

For those who like to get up close and personal Dead Orbit is offering quite a few intriguing weapons for users to obtain. This week’s offering is a submachine gun, a scout rifle, an auto rifle, and a pulse rifle. The auto rifle, Guiding Star, is actually quite nice thanks to the Moving Target and Appended Mag perks. It’s a fairly robust auto rifle that appears good for both PvE and PvP activities. Their armor is more industrial base, with both their shaders being different various of grey, white, and black.

Dead Orbit Grenade Launcher Destiny 2

Dead Orbit’s reward weapon is a single shot grenade launcher which is disappointing. Typically these weapons underperform compared to their multi-barrel counterparts even with solid perks. Given you usually want a sniper rifle, rocket launcher, or shotgun in your Power Weapon slot, this weapon may not serve much of a purpose in PvE or PvP related activities. Dubbed the Truthteller, this item is just plain awful. Sporting a terrible velocity, handling, and blast radius stats this weapon offers nothing of real value.

Its perks are Quick Draw, Black Powder, and Concussion Grenades all of which don’t really save this gun. Seriously, avoid this grenade launcher at all costs it’s not worth the effort to try and win.

Future War Cult

Future War Cult Destiny 2

For looking to align themselves with Future War Cult the weapons that are being offered are a sidearm, grenade launcher, submachine gun, and a pulse rifle. FWC’s pulse rifle is my personal favorite as it sports Dragonfly, Steady Rounds, and Tactical Mag all of which make it a fantastic PvE weapon. Also, the grenade launcher is far better than what Dead Orbit is offering. Having both Implosion and Rampage will allow players to quickly wipe out groups of enemies with ease.

As for armor, FWC sports a more futuristic design like the designs you can find via the Titan packages. Their color scheme is more blue and gold with punctuations of red and white. The shaders don’t look great with everything, but it does work well the with different armor pieces offered.

Destiny 2 Future War Cult

Their reward weapon is perhaps the most practical since it’s a Fusion Rifle. This weapon’s base stats revolve around having a longer charge time to deal more damage to foes. It also features a decent reload and stability stat, both of which are nice for a Fusion Rifle like this. The Timelines’ Vertix’s perks include Snapshot for quicker ADS (Aim down sights), Enhanced Battery for a bigger magazine, and Accelerated Coils for a decreased charge time. When it comes to Fusion Rifles this one is actually quite good and looks incredibly well rounded for a Fusion Rifle. While the longer charge time may give PvP users pause, this is a solid pick up for anyone wanting to participate in PvE activities.

When it comes down to it we are once again giving our recommendation to Future War Cult, however, it’s coming with a catch. If you are more focused on PvP then join New Monarchy as their reward weapon is far better then the others. Yet, if PvE is your thing then consider allying with FWC for that solid Fusion Rifle. Dead Orbit is nothing but dead weight this Faction Rallies, especially if you are in it to win the reward gun.

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YO YOU GOT A TYPO ON THIS. NOT MUCH INFO ON YOUR ARTICLE, PLAY THE GAME AND LEARN WHAT GUNS LOOKS LIKE WHAT BRO. 1 HOUR OF GAMEPLAY DOESNT QUALIFY SH1T. “If you are more focused on PvP then join New Monarchy as their reward weapon is far better then the others. Yet, if PvE is your thing then consider allying with *New Monarchy* for that solid Fusion Rifle.”

Collin MacGregor

Thank you for pointing out the typo and I have over 120 hours across three characters almost all of which are max level.

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