Fortnite: Battle Royale: How To Check Kill/Death Ratio

Fortnite Battle Royale tips

Epic Games

Fortnite: Battle Royale is Epic Games’ take on the increasingly popular battle royale genre. What was first seen as a typical PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds knockoff has quickly grown into PUBG’s closest competitor.

One thing that has helped the game reach such a wide audience so fast is the fact that it’s available both for free and on consoles. PUBG is coming to Xbox One in December while a PS4 release is nowhere in sight. This certainly strengthen the staying power of Fortnite: Battle Royale.

While leaderboards and other stats are in the game, one thing the game is currently lacking is the ability to check your kill/death ratio. It is possible an ability to see this will be added into the game in the future but as of right now all we can do is guess.

If you want to go through a third-party option, you can head to this website that keeps track of all of your stats. A cool thing about this site is you can also use this site to keep track of your stats in more games than just Fortnite, including PUBG.

The site keeps track of your time played, kills, kill/death ratio, kills per match, wins and your win percentage. All you have to do is type in your in-game name and you’ll be able to see how you stack up. You will have full stats available across Solo, Duos and Squads. The site updates quickly after every match so it should be pretty up to date unless you are checking in the middle of a match.

It even goes the extra mile and says whether you won or lost your last match so you’ll never have to wonder. As for right now, this is the only way to see your kill/death ratio but many of the other things the site shows are also available in the game as well. Don’t forget to see how you compare with your squadmates so you can maximize your trash talk.

One thing the site doesn’t show is your specific kill/death ratio with certain guns. It’d certainly be cool to see you perform with a sniper or assault rifle for example. Your kill/death ratio can end up being skewed if you are rushed in the beginning of a match or caught out in the open with no guns. This could be something that comes in the future but as of right now we’re without it.

A late November patch is adding two new leaderboard options into Fortnite: Battle Royale. In the same patch that is bringing over the Smoke Grenade, players will also get to see how they perform in new ways.

Global wins will now show the top 50 players for the selected match type – Solo, Duos and Squads. This number will be measured by wins alone. The other leaderboard, named Score, shows the amount of total experience gained and will sort by that.

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