How Many Trainers Do you Need to Beat Ho-Oh in ‘Pokemon Go’?

pokemon go ho-oh

Niantic Ho-Oh is in Pokemon Go

Ho-Oh will only be around through December 12, so trainers are trying to beat the new Legendary Pokemon in raids and catch as many as they can before the Pokemon is gone from Pokemon Go. Of course, Niantic may very well bring back Ho-Oh back at some point, but we have no idea when. So if you’re out there trying to beat Ho-Oh in raids, you’re likely wondering what’s the smallest number of trainers that you can gather together in order to be successful.

Trainers are guessing that the required number to beat Ho-Oh will likely be similar to Moltres, about three to five people minimum at Level 30 or above. However, Ho-Oh has a stronger defense than Moltres, so it’s a tougher battle to win. And if Ho-Oh has Solar Beam, then beating the Legendary with just three seems quite unlikely.

So far, we’ve seen reports of nine trainers defeating Ho-Oh with 130 seconds left, and seven defeating a Ho-Oh with Fire Blast, all around Level 34, with 80 seconds left on the timer. Redditor hubick said their group defeated Ho-Oh with six trainers and 15 seconds left on the clock. Three were Level 40 and three were mid-Level 30s.

But the lowest number reported by trainers so far is five. Redditor reynoldsrhine said their group defeated a Ho-Oh with Solar Beam with five trainers: two Level 40s, two Level 39, and one below Level 30. (This Redditor noted that Solar Beam destroyed their Golems.) Redditor Avilsta also reported defeating a Ho-Oh with five two different times: one had Brave Bird (30 seconds left) and one had Fire Blast (14 seconds left). The team had a mix of Level 30s and smaller Levels, and all had B/SE and RT/SE Golems, plus Tyranitars with B/SE, and all had to rejoin with max revives.)

PokeBattler ranks Ho-Oh as the second toughest Raid boss to beat out of all the Raid bosses. It only ranks Suicune as being tougher. Minimum group size is estimated at three when using only hardcore players, the largest minimum that PokeBattler suggests for any of the Raid bosses. But the realistic group size is place at six (for Level 30+ players), and a suggested casual group size is nine (for Level 20+ players). PokeBattler calculates the minimum group size with this equation: Ceiling [Defense x HP/Time/3400] – 29% if double vulnerability. Pokemon Go trainers, however, aren’t sure they agree with PokeBattler’s suggestion. They say that three might be possible, as long as Ho-Oh doesn’t have Solar Beam.

Ho-Oh definitely isn’t easy to defeat. Solar Beam takes out Golems and Tyranitars fast and Level 30 Pokemon can struggle against the Legendary. Raikou, Dragonite, and Gyarados can help but it’s not an easy win. In general, if you want to defeat Ho-Oh with 30 seconds left, you’ll want at lest six trainers with a second team ready.

How many trainers have you used to defeat Ho-Oh? Let us know in the comments below.