Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross]: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross].

1. Check Your Medals’ Special Attack Type

kingdom hearts union x

Square Enix

• Each medal has their own special unique attributes and special attacks. When creating your Keyblade deck, make sure to inspect each one to check whether it buffs your attacks, has single or area of effect damage, or can heal you.

2. Complete All the Tutorial Quests

• Sure, you play the mandatory tutorial before you can download the full version of the game, but did you know there is another series of quests you can complete under the “Events” quests unlocked after Quest 34? Complete each one to receive upgrade materials, special Medals, and titles.

3. Join a Party and Reap the Benefits

kingdom hearts union x

Square Enix

• Getting bored with solo play? You can always join a party within your union to get more Friend Medals, and get access to daily Lux boosts. Tailor to your playstyle when you join a Union as well. Want a better shot at #1 in the Weekly Solo Rankings? Joining a lower population may help you rank higher, but joining a higher population Union could give you better Friend Medals. Choose wisely and remember you can transfer Unions.

4. Finish Story Quests to Unlock More Content

kingdom hearts union x

Square Enix

• Story Quests do more than help you dive into the world of Kingdom Hearts. Completing Story Quest 34 unlocks both the “Events” quests multiplayer mode “Union Cross,” while completing Story Quest 130 will grant you access to the monthly ranking Coliseum.

5. Upgrade Your Nova Level by Boosting Special Attacks

kingdom hearts union x

Square Enix

• Want a special attack that doesn’t cost a Medal to use? Your Nova is highly beneficial in quests, and you can rank it up by boosting the Special Attacks on your medals. Combine copies of 4-star or higher medals together to boost its special attack, and gain Nova levels each time you max a 6-star medal’s special. You can rank it up quickly by boosting the medals you obtain during Story Quests.


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