Lineage 2: Revolution: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

6. Check Out Your Advancement Options

• Along with other nifty features like Auto-Quest, here’s a tip if you’re having difficulty progressing. Go to Character > Advancement and find out where you’re lacking development. You may have missed something like the Monster Codex, which can help you progress if you hunt monsters to complete codices.

7. Pick the Right Traits for Your Playstyle

• Each race has their own speciality, so pick one depending on what type of playstyle best suits you:

– Humans are balanced
– Elves are swift and agile
– Dark Elves have high damage
– Dwarfs are tanky with a lot of health

Lineage 2: Revolution brings forth more strategy with a secondary customized trait. Depending on your race and class combination, you’ll have more changes for specialities:

– Warriors excel in melee combat and deal close-range blows
– Rogues use ranged attacks with bows or daggers
– Mages use strong AoE magic and can heal

8. Mind the Type of Skills Available to You

• The two skill categories are active skills and passive skills. The use of skills may be restricted depending on a player’s class and weapon equipped.

9. Make Use of Your Resets

• Players are able to reset the type of quests to maximize efficiency and to have access to harder or easier quests based on preference. When you refresh the list, you may get a higher-grade quest which will help you level up faster – but you can only refresh the list for free three times each day. After the third refresh, refreshing the list of quests will cost 15,000 Adena. That’s a hefty amount of money for a beginner, so we advise you to stick to the free refreshes.

10. Optimal Amount of Adena to Have…

• Try to make sure you have always have at 90,000 Adena on-hand for times when you need to buy extra potions or Soulshots. Don’t spend it all in one place early in the game and save up your Adena rewards to have an emergency stockpile at all times.

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