Moira Is the Next Overwatch Hero, A Battle Mercy’s Dream

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Moira is the next hero for Overwatch, announced during BlizzCon 2017. She looks to be every battle Mercy’s dream.

Here’s her backstory courtesy of the official website:

Equal parts brilliant and controversial, scientist Moira O’Deorain is on the cutting edge of genetic engineering, searching for a way to rewrite the fundamental building blocks of life.
Over a decade ago, O’Deorain made waves when she published a controversial paper detailing a methodology for creating custom genetic programs that could alter DNA at a cellular level. It seemed like a promising step toward overcoming diseases and disorders and maximizing human potential.
Dissent among her peers soon followed. Many considered her work to be dangerous because of its perceived ethical shortfalls, and O’Deorain was even accused of having the same unchecked desire for scientific advancement that some believed had caused the Omnic Crisis. In addition, other geneticists were unable to reproduce the results of Moira’s research, which further called her discoveries into question. Instead of kickstarting her career, her paper seriously damaged her reputation.
She received a lifeline in an offer from an unlikely source: Overwatch’s covert ops division, Blackwatch. She continued her work in the shadows while developing new weapons and technologies for the organization. Her employment was a closely kept secret, until it was uncovered during inquiries following the Venice incident. Many high-ranking Overwatch officials disavowed all knowledge of her affiliation with them.
After Overwatch was disbanded, O’Deorain was forced to turn to unconventional sources of funding. This time, she was invited to join the scientific collective that had founded the city of Oasis. Yet some have whispered that the shadowy Talon organization had already been supporting her for years, aiding her experiments in exchange for utilizing the results for their own purposes.
Though O’Deorain will go to any lengths to make scientific breakthroughs, her work is still unknown to most of the world. But now that she has been freed from all constraints, it is only a matter of time before everything changes.

She is equally skilled in healing and damage dealing. Her Biotic Grasp ability sends out a short range energy mist that heals allies in front of her with her left hand while her right hand fires a long range beam that saps enemy health which both heals Moira and replenishes her biotic energy. Biotic Orb sends out a rebounding biotic sphere that can switch from a regeneration effect for allies or a damaging effect for enemies before firing. She can also teleport a short distance with her Fade ability just like Reaper. Finally, her Coalescence ultimate shoots a long range beam that both damages enemies while passing through their shields and also heals allies.

Her kit makes her right at home with Battle Mercys, or players of Mercy who focus more on dealing damage than healing allies like she was intended to. It turns out she’s actually quite viable at fending off opponents despite her low health. A forum posts by Jnaejnae said that her weapon has a 100 percent hit rate, a 50 percent headshot rate, and perfect accuracy with no significant damage falloff. She also has auto healing and a flight ability allowing her to escape combat if need be. Moira has drastically different abilities but the philosophy of being an effective healer and damage dealer with some escape options is there.

During BlizzCon 2017, Blizzard also announced a brand new map for Overwatch. The map is a theme park filled with references to other Blizzard franchises like Warcraft, Hearthstone, and more. It will be a hybrid stage where the attacking team captures a point and then moves a payload to the end of the stage, similar to the Eichenwalde map. Speaking of which, Blizzard also showed off a new cinematic involving Reinhardt at the battle of Eichenwalde.

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