Monster Hunter: World: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

Monster Hunter World


One of the bigger surprises of E3 2017 was the unveiling of a brand new Monster Hunter.

After its debut trailer concluded, longtime Hunters and intrigued newcomers got extremely excited. Monster Hunter: World looks like it’ll be the most visually pleasing and feature rich entry in the mainline series yet. Capcom is looking to start 2018 off right by dropping the latest Monster Hunter right on January 26 (Fall 2018 for PC players). Before then, PS4 players will get the chance to go hunting in the public beta on December 9. Longtime fans and newcomers will surely appreciate the deep mechanics, gigantic creatures and hunter camaraderie Monster Hunter brings in this latest entry.

There’s tons of pertinent information surrounding the impending launch of Monster Hunter: World. Here’s a primer on what you can look forward to experiencing on January 26.

1. Newcomers & Veterans Alike Will Experience the Best Parts of Monster Hunter in This New Entry

For those who’ve never spent any time with the Monster Hunter franchise, here’s a quick summary of what it entails – it’s an action RPG that tasks Hunters with exploring an open world and hunting/killing massive monsters. All of the missions handed down to you by your base of operations’ (Astera) comes from its “Research Commission.” Acquiring new weaponry and other types of equipment is primarily done through slaying monsters and using their remains to craft better gear.

In order to properly track these dangerous beats, Hunters will have to keep a close eye out for monster tracks and Scoutflies. Scoutflies are sparkly bugs that memorize the scent of a monster in the area and push you further towards more monster tracks. Items such as the Slinger (a grappling hook/slingshot tool) helps you properly navigate the game’s vast environments and damage/distract monsters. Palicoes, the series’ feline companions, return to aid Hunters with their offensive, defensive, and restorative support abilities. Hunters can rely on them during single-player offline/online missions or hook up with three other players during online co-op quests.

One of the newer features being introduced to Monster Hunter: World is the addition of a proper Story Mode. Hunters will tackle Main Quests of varied difficulty ranks that are pushed by the main plotline described below:

Around once every 10 years, the Elder Dragons cross the ocean towards the New World. In order to understand this strange phenomenon, the “New World Elder Dragons Research” group dispatched a team to the New Continent. This time, on the fifth dispatch, a hunter boards a large ship that is chasing after the Elder Dragon Zorah Magdaros. What is the fate that awaits this research group party is…?

2. Your Hunter Will Have Access to 14 Different Weapon Types

Defending yourself from the many beasts you’ll encounter in Monster Hunter: World means you’ll need to equip the proper weaponry. Unlike past games in the series, you’ll have the ability to change to another weapon class while out in the field. In total, there’s 14 different weapon types to master. These weapons come in one of three varieties – Light Weapons, Heavy Weapons and Technical Weapons. Check out the list below to see which weapons you’ll be able to equip (click on any one of them to see how they perform in battle):

Heavy Bowgun
Light Bowgun
Insect Glaive
Charge Blade
Switch Axe
Hunting Horn
Long Sword
Great Sword
Sword & Shield
Dual Blades

3. Players Will Come Face to Face With New Terrifying Creatures Out in the Wild

When it’s finally time to go hunting, your Hunter will go exploring through four varied locations. You’ll find yourself trekking through a lush green forest, a vast desert, an oceanic highland and a swamp that doubles as an animal graveyard. Refer to the list posted below to see each of these locations and the monsters you’ll come across while there. Be sure to click on each location to get a visual overview of what it entails:

Ancient Forest: features the Great Jagras, Pukei-Pukei, Tobi-Kadachi, Anjanath and Rathalos
Wildspire Waste: features the Kulu-Ya-Ku, Barroth and Jyuratodus
Coral Highlands: features the Tzitzi-Ya-Ku, Paolumu and Legiana
Rotten Vale: features the Great Girros, Radobaan and Odogaron

4. A Special Piece of DLC is Coming to PS4 Owners, Plus Mega Man Will be Making an Appearance

If you happened to enjoy Aloy’s journey of self-discovery within 2017’s Horizon: Zero Dawn, you’ll be pleased with this fact. PS4 owners of Monster Hunter: World will have the special honor of getting to hunt as Aloy and equipping their Palico with machine-inspired gear. You can see her hunting skills in action in the trailer posted above.

Another bit of cross promotion between Monster Hunter World and another franchise will focus on Mega Man. Your Palico will gain the ability to morph into a pixelated version of Mega Man, plus the music will change depending on which weapon you bring into battle. You can see how both those features act out in the trailer posted above. Free post-launch content has been announced for the game, which includes the addition of the Elder Dragons and Deviljho monsters. You can watch preview trailers of those upcoming monsters in the videos posted below:

5. Monster Hunter: World Will Launch in a Standard, Digital Deluxe and Collector’s Edition

Monster Hunter World Collector's Edition


There’s four separate editions of Monster Hunter: World up for grabs. There’s the Standard (physical and digital) Edition, Digital Deluxe Edition and extra special Collector’s Edition. The list posted below details all of the pre-order goodies that comes with each edition:

Standard Edition (Physical): the Origin Set Armor and Fair Wind Charm item

Standard Edition (Digital): both pre-order bonuses from the physical Standard Edition and an exclusive theme for PS4 owners

Digital Deluxe Edition: all the pre-order bonuses from both Standard Editions and a Deluxe Kit that includes a Samurai Set, three additional gestures, two additional sticker sets, one additional face paint option and one additional hairstyle

Collector’s Edition: the physical Standard Edition’s pre-order bonuses, the Deluxe Kit, a Nergigante figurine, the game’s digital soundtrack and an art book

Buy the Standard Edition of Monster Hunter: World here.

Buy the Digital Standard Edition of Monster Hunter: World here.

Buy the Digital Deluxe Edition of Monster Hunter: World here.

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