Overwatch Competitive Season 7: 5 Best Heroes To Use

Overwatch Ana

Overwatch’s seventh season of competitive mode has officially begun and it’s already shaping up to be a rather chaotic meta. Thanks to some recent hero rebalancing, some heroes are becoming must picks if you want to have the strongest chance of winning. When going through the current roster of heroes we decided upon 5 that we felt are currently great picks for players going into Season 7.

This is not to say that other heroes aren’t viable, but that these are some of the best choices at the time of writing this. Keep in mind, Blizzard rebalances Overwatch a lot so there is a chance some of these heroes will fall out of favor as later on. Yet, if you are new to the competitive scene or looking to pick up a new character here are our recommendations. But first, here are some honorable mentions:

  • Genji
  • Zenyatta
  • Soldier 76
  • Winston
  • Reaper

(This list is in no particular order)

  1. 1. Mercy

  2. PlayOverwatch

  3. Let’s get the most obvious out of the way first. Mercy is one of the few heroes in Overwatch to receive a fairly substantial reworking to her skills. With her Resurrect now slotted as a single target ability on a 30-second cooldown, she has become invaluable. This is largely because of her ability to keep a team’s momentum going, even if someone is picked off early on. Couple this with her new Valkyrie Ultimate and she has become an absolute powerhouse in competitive mode.

For many, this doctor has become a must pick for one of the two support roles. Her healing output is still fantastic and the new tempo based designed allows teams to continuously apply pressure. While she is receiving a slight nerf to her Resurrect’s cast time, we seriously doubt this will hinder her pick rate.  If you want to play support this season then you better learn how to play Mercy.

2. Tracer


Still one of the best DPS characters in Overwatch, Tracer is always a solid pick for those looking to be a damage dealer. Her speed and maneuverability work fantastically alongside the still powerful ‘Dive’ composition. While she isn’t as great on defense, a good Tracer can make or break a game on attack or King of the Hill maps. However, she is perhaps one of the trickiest heroes to truly master so make sure to practice before taking her into a competitive game.

When playing as Tracer remember to always act as a distraction to your opponent’s backline. It’s not imperative that you secure a kill, only that you provide enough harassment for the enemy’s attention to shift. Tracer can generate great openings that allow a coordinated team to capitalize on her disruption techniques.

3. D.Va

Another hero that received a reworking of their kit, D.Va has emerged as a powerful dive bomber. Despite having her Defense Matrix’s up time cut in half, she makes up for this with increased damage via a Micro Missle barrage. Despite having a short range, these little explosives can shred through a foe if they all hit. D.Va can also now attack while using her Boost, making her even deadlier in the ‘Dive’ team composition.

She is an extremely troublesome tank to deal with if this mech-suited terror works her way into your backlines. Less mobile targets like Zenyatta are easy pickings for a skilled D.Va, so make sure to always target those isolated players first. If you want to try a new tank, this mechanized terror should be your go-to choice.

4. Zarya

Overwatch, Zayra


Our second tank choice, Zarya has proven herself time and time again to be one of the best characters in Overwatch. Despite not receiving any real changes, Zarya is more than capable of defining an entire match thanks to her abilities. Both protections bubbles can save critical players (or yourself) in big team fights, while her Graviton Surge can be a game-winning Ultimate. Zarya also has insane damage output potential since a fully charged beam can absolutely melt opponents.

What makes her extremely potent is her ability to slot into virtually any type of team composition. She works great for both Dive and more standard, slower pushing layouts. Zarya is a very flexible tank that is a great pick for any team. One tip we can give you is to not always preemptively bubble yourself before walking into a fight. You want your opponents to commit to their attack before you bubble to ensure more charge is gained.

5. Junkrat

Junkertown Overwatch


The wild card of the competitive meta, Junkrat is an extremely dangerous hero in the right hands. With the addition of a second Concussion Mine his potential and slight improvements to his RIP Tire his potential has skyrocketed. Now, Junkrat is fully capable of holding down an entire pathway by himself with little trouble. The second mine acts as a fantastic way to disengage if a fight gets tricky or catch targets off guard with a burst of damage.

He is even more potent on key chokepoint maps like Hanamura or Kings Row where players are limited in approach options. Understanding the trajectories and blast radius of Junkrat’s gear is crucial to your success. We highly recommend spending some time in the Training Room learning how to bounce his grenades properly. Remember, Junkrat isn’t good for every scenario or against every hero so make sure to understand when to switch things up.

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