PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Vaulting Test Begins Today


PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds

As we approach the official release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds from Early Access, the developers behind the game are testing a few more features that might make their way into the final release. While the physics behind the guns are being and some bug fixes are being deployed, the biggest thing being looked at here is the vaulting mechanic.

If you’ve played PUBG for any amount of time, you might realize how hard it is to jump over small objects sometimes. The developers have been looking at way to improve that and have coming out with vaulting and climbing. Hopefully this will make things easier on players when trying to get over a small fence or rock. This will only be available in the Test Server for right now and it’s for a limited time only.

Here are the regions, modes and times the vaulting mechanic will be available.

Test schedule

  • PST: November 13th 18:00 PM – November 14th 06:00 PM
  • CET: November 14th 03:00 AM – November 15th 03:00 AM
  • KST: November 14th 11:00 AM – November 15th 11:00 AM

Region & Modes

  • NA SOLO First-person / Third-person
  • ASIA SOLO First-person / Third-person

Bluehole will then collect feedback from the Test Server and make necessary tweaks and possibly add it into the game in the near future. The developers also released a statement about combating cheating in PUBG. Here is what they had to say about the issue.

When we prepared to release the first Early Access version of PUBG earlier this year, we were not fully prepared to respond to the issue of cheating. Since then, our traffic grew exponentially and it became an even bigger issue. 

Earlier this month, we noted that we have been adding new measures and detection methods to address the cheat issue more effectively. To provide a healthy environment to our players, addressing this issue is now our top priority. We are constantly improving our anti-cheat measures and adding new ones. 

With our recent efforts to strengthen the measures, the volume of players who use cheats has been reduced by 25% overall, and the volume of malicious, extreme cheaters has been reduced by 50%. 

However, we know that this is not enough, which is why we are approaching this in multiple ways – monitoring 24 hours a day, strengthening security systems and applying additional anti-cheat solutions. Regarding other measures that our players have suggested, we are looking into a few that may be quite effective.

The battle against cheats may be endless. But we will do our best to create a healthier, better environment for everyone and take strong actions against distributors and sellers of cheats as well as those who use them.

For the full list of patch notes releasing on the Test Server today, head to the link here.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds may have debuted and made its name as a PC exclusive but the title is coming to Xbox One later this year. The title will release December 12 on Xbox One and will be part of the Game Preview program on the console. You can read more about the Xbox One version of the game here.

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