Pokemon Go: Ho-Oh Locations, Sightings, & When It’s Gone

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The Legendary Pokemon Ho-Oh is now available in Pokemon Go.

Niantic confirmed that the Legendary Pokemon will be available in Raid Battles at Gyms around the world until December 12, 2017.

Update – December 5: Ho-Oh will be available for an additional two days, Niantic confirmed. The Legendary Pokemon will disappear on December 14 at 1 p.m. PST / 4 p.m. EST.

The Legendary Pokemon appears to be available as a normal Raid Boss and not an EX Raid Boss, according to Pokemon Go Hub.

People have already begun to find and capture Ho-Oh. This article will list locations the Pokemon was sighted in as they come out.

User refindthetime said that about 40 players just got Ho-Oh in Salt Lake City, Utah.

User Im-not-a-farmer caught one in Chicago, Illinois.

User RidgeRegression caught one with 2169 CP in Berkeley, California.

User ProHitman001 caught one with 2203 CP and 89 percent IVs in a Raid Battle with about 38 other people in Yucca Valley, California which they said was a somewhat rural town.

User greensplat attended three Ho-Oh Raid Battles in St. Paul, Minnesota.

User Tayxbeatz caught two in Minneapolis.

User Deathxcake got one in Ellensburg, Washington.

Over in Portland, Oregon, User pk2317 got a Ho-Oh.

User Suojelusperkele saw one in Finland but the Raid Battle started so early that they didn’t have time to make a group.

User DBRiMatt caught Ho-Oh in Adelaide, Australia. User itzfkngaryoak also caught one in Adelaide with a CP of 2173.

User ShivyShanky caught a 2193 CP Ho-Oh in New Delhi, India at the Jio Dhan Dhana Dhan Gym. AnujKulkarni caught one in Pune, India.

User woobiray caught one in Hong Kong.

User rkmto said that both a legit player and a spoofer caught the Legendary Pokemon in Indonesia. He claimed that one of them had 2222 CP, which according to Twitter user @TaylorIsLit25 is the CP of a 100 percent IV Ho-Oh. User @PoGoAlohaRegion also confirmed this to be true.

Twitter user @ReversalYouTube said that a Ho-Oh was spotted in a Japanese Pokemon Go event. However, nobody was able to participate.


Twitter user @iamryzn of St. Louis, Missouri caught two Ho-Oh.

Have you seen or caught Ho-Oh yet? Let us know in the comment section below.

Niantic released the Legendary Pokemon after players caught over three billion Pokemon during the Global Catch Challenge. The challenge ended on November 26 but the rewards for double Stardust, double XP, and Lure Modules lasting six hours will last until December 1 at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET. Players were also treated to a 48 hour worldwide appearance of Farfetch’d, usually an East Asia exclusive Pokemon, while East Asia got an appearance by Australia exclusive Kangaskhan.

Announcing Pokémon GO Travel and the Global Catch ChallengeJoin the Pokémon GO Travel Global Catch Challenge, a quest to catch 3 billion Pokémon in 7 days. For more information: pokemongolive.com/travel/ Ever since Pokémon GO launched, we've loved hearing stories of Trainers venturing abroad and playing together with new friends from different countries. That's what inspired us to create Pokémon GO Travel, a new…2017-11-19T19:06:18.000Z

The Global Catch Challenge was meant to coincide with the launch of a new video series known as Pokemon Go Travel where trailers travel the world to catch Pokemon. The series starts with a group of trainers including IHasCupquake, Coisa de Nerd, and Rachel Quirico traveling to Tokyo, Mt. Fuji, Kyoto, and Tottori in Japan. The Global Catch Challenge concluded with a celebration at the Pokemon Go Safari Zone event in Tottori on November 26.

Niantic updated their Raid Battle feature as their field-testing came to a close. EX Raid Battles will take place mostly at Gyms at parks and sponsored locations, players with high-level Gym Badges are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles taking place at the corresponding Gym, players who have completed a larger number of Raid Battles are more likely to be invited to EX Raid Battles in general, EX Raid Battle start times now take into account popular Raid Battle times at Gyms, and if the Raid is cancelled then players will get an in-game notification as well as Stardust and Premium Raid Passes. For regular Raid Battles, trainers will now receive Golden Razz Berries for completing them, the number of Potions and Revives will decrease slightly but their quality will increase, the chance of receiving TMs for finishing Tier 3 Raids will increase, Magikarp will return to Tier 1 Raid Battles, and players will receive Stardust for participating in Raids whether they win or lose.

Ho-Oh was the main Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Gold while its counterpart, Lugia, was the main Legendary Pokemon of Pokemon Silver. However Ho-Oh’s first appearance was during the end of the very first episode of the Pokemon anime in Japan on April 1, 1997 and the United States on September 8, 1998. That’s roughly two years before its official debut in Pokemon Gold on November 21, 1999 in Japan and October 15, 2000 in the US.

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