Puzzle Fighter: Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Puzzle Fighter.

1. Build and Break Power Gems to Use Skills

Puzzle Fighter Mobile

• Break Power Gems that match your main fighter’s skills to dish out big damage. Each time your main fighter uses a skill, your teammates will come in for a combo. Extra tip: if your fighter has two skills, a 3×2 and a 2×2, breaking the 3×2 will activate both skills.

2. Toss Gems You Don’t Need to the Side

Puzzle Fighter Mobile


• You don’t have to match every single Gem to win. Sometimes it’s best to focus on a specific color, tossing colors you don’t need into “garbage lanes” on the side.

3. Charge Your Super Faster

Puzzle Fighter Mobile


• Break Power Gems to charge your Super faster. Bigger Power Gems = even more Super charge. On top of that, breaking Gems that match your team’s Affinity colors provide an even bigger boost for your Super.

4. Work With Your Opponent’s Drop Pattern

Puzzle Fighter Mobile


• Hold down on the mini-map button during gameplay to see your opponent’s Drop Pattern. Each time your opponent breaks Gems on their board, they’ll send pesky Timer Gems to yours in that order. Pay attention to their Drop Pattern and strategically place your falling Gems so that they turn into Power Gems once the Timer Gems are released from their countdown.

5. Tailor Your Play Style

Puzzle Fighter Mobile


• Like playing Healers? Tanks? Damage dealers? Each fighter has a unique play style defined by their skills. Each fighter also has a unique Support and Super Move.

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