Super Lucky’s Tale: Release Date & Unlock Time

Super Lucky's Tale


Super Lucky’s Tale is the latest Xbox One console exclusive and it is even boosted by the fact that it releases alongside the Xbox One X. If you’re a fan of what 2017 has been like so far for 3D platformers, you’re probably looking forward to this one. It also helps that the Xbox One hasn’t had a whole lot of exclusives lately so interest will be ramped up a little because of that.

If you are getting an Xbox One X, this game will be a good title that showcases the power of the new console. Super Lucky’s Tale experiences some gameplay and framerate hiccups on the base hardware but the One X will surely fix those issues and run the game in native 4K. You can read our review of the Xbox One X here.

Just because Super Lucky’s Tale is an indie title doesn’t mean it should be overlooked. Like Cuphead before it, Super Lucky’s Tale will be a discounted title so you won’t have to open up your wallet for a full-priced game if you want to experience this one. Xbox has actually been on a roll lately when it comes to Indie games as before Cuphead the console received the critically acclaimed Ori and the Blind Forest.

While this game is an Xbox One console exclusive, the title will also be available on Windows 10 via the Xbox Play Anywhere feature. This means progress between the Xbox One and Windows 10 versions will be shared and purchasing a digital copy will get you both versions.

The unlock time looks like it’ll end up being a midnight release, local time, on November 7. This means you can stay up late and begin playing the game as soon as the release date hits, if the Windows Store is to trusted of course.

Reviews are out for the game and we really enjoyed the time we spent with it. Of course it isn’t for everyone but if you want to enjoy a fun and casual few hours through the game, we wholeheartedly recommend this title. You can read our full review here.

Super Lucky’s Tale releases November 7 for Xbox One and Windows 10 for $29.99. If you’re clamoring for a good old fashioned platformer, look no further than Super Lucky’s Tale.

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