Arena of Valor: How to Unlock New Heroes

Arena of Valor Azzenka

Arena of Valor is a game that lives and dies by its colorful cast of characters. These heroes range from a mad, poison using Jester to blue fox sporting a magical slingshot. There are 38 characters in total that users can pick from, each of which brings their own skills and playstyle to this MOBA game. However, these heroes are not all unlocked from the start and it will take some time if you want to obtain ever character in Arena of Valor. Characters are unlockable by two different means – the Road to Glory or outright purchasing them.

The easiest and least painful route to getting new heroes is the Road of Glory. This mechanic rewards players with a character for finishing three different games a day. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose these games, as long as you see them through till the end. Road of Glory also counts any of Casual or Ranked Match game modes.However, Custom matches, bot matches, and any game that you are not participating in will be voided.

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You can see what hero is being offered by going to the menu and tapping the Road of Glory icon in the bottom right. This will open up a menu that showcases which character you can earn today and how close you are to unlocking this hero. Here are all of the heroes you can obtain by simply completing the Road of Glory:

  • Mina – Tank
  • Mganga – Support / Mage
  • Lu Bu – Warrior
  • Zanis – Warrior
  • Slimz – Marksman
  • Yorn – Marksman
  • Gildur – Tank / Mage
  • Lumburr – Support / Tank
  • Krixi – Mage
  • Kahlii – Mage
  • Grakk – Tank / Mage
  • Ormarr – Warrior / Tank

Keep in mind you cannot outright purchase the characters that are on the Road to Glory, so make sure to check which ones are available when you long one each day. The other way to obtain new heroes is by purchasing them with either Gold or Vouchers. You can earn gold by simply playing the game, however, Vouchers are an in-game currency you get by spending real world money. Most heroes will cost players around $10 to actually unlock if you go the Voucher route. This is not ideal, so we recommend simply focusing on saving up your gold.

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Thankfully, you can actually test out all of the Arena of Valor characters in a 1v1 scenerio called Hero Trial. This lets you experiment with their skills, builds, and abilities to see if you enjoy using them. Always test a hero before purchasing them with either Gold or Vouchers to ensure it’s the right character for you. Here are all the heroes you can purchase and how much they will run you.

  • Natalya – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Raz – 13,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Peura – 8,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Taara – 3,888 Gold / 499 Vouchers
  • Skud – 13,888 / 999 Vouchers
  • Jinnar – 13,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Preyta – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Fennik – 13,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Moren – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Omega – 5,888 Gold / 699 Vouchers
  • Zill – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Wukong – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Ilumia – 18,888 Gold / 1,199 Vouchers
  • Arduin – 13,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Azzen’Ka – 5,888 Gold / 999 Vouchers
  • Chaugnar – 1,888  Gold / 399 Vouchers

Finally, players can unlock the hero Zephys as a first purchase bonus from the store. Before buying more characters, make sure you find a playstyle that suits you best. It’s easier to transition between Marksman characters since their general themes are the same. Players should expect more heroes down the road, so make sure to check back and see who has been added.

For more Arena of Valor guides, news, and features make sure to visit Heavy’s gaming section.

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