Destiny 2: The 5 Best Sub-Classes and Supers for Mayhem


The newest game mode for Destiny 2 has arrived and it certainly lives up to its name. Dubbed “Mayhem,” this activity reduces the cooldown time for all abilities and drastically increases the rate your Super charges This creates a truly hectic multiplayer game thanks to Supers being activated every 15 to 30 seconds. Because of this, it can be easy to get lost in all the chaos. While every Super and sub-class can perform well in this mode, some standout more than others.

When deciding upon the five best sub-classes for Mayhem we looked for versatility, killing potential, and how they fair in Super vs Super battles. If you are looking to hop into Mayhem, but are unsure of who to choose here are our top five choices.

(This list is in no particular order.)

  1. 1. Warlock – Dawnblade

  2. Destiny 2


  3. Starting off our list is the Warlock’s fiery sword wielding sub-class that can reign death from above. Where the Dawnblade really shines is on maps with a lot of open space that can be utilized during your attacks. Unlike the vast majority of other Supers, Daybreak allows players to hover high up in the air when they launch projectiles. This can put them completely out of reach for those using Fists of Havoc or Stormtrance. It also helps that the range for Daybreak’s projectiles is quite far and they do a healthy amount of splash damage.

Because of this, the Daybreak can win most Super vs Super matches simply by staying out of range. The rest of sub-class is also fairly strong, as the burn damage that Solar abilities cause are a great way to finish off enemies trying to run. Remember to pace your shots with Daybreak to ensure that you can hit mobile targets trying to dodge your shots. Additionally, keep an eye out for Golden Gun users as they are a hard counter in Super battles.

2. Striker

Destiny 2 Striker

The Striker class is a solid, well rounded sub-class that absolutely thrives in all of the chaos that Mayhem creates. Sporting some of the best grenades in the game, clever Strikers can shut down entire areas and chokepoints. Killing a Striker is also tricky given most of the maps are fairly closed in, allowing them to barrel through multiple Guardians with ease.

What pushes this sub-class over the top is the Code of the Earthshaker skill tree. Not only does this class give them a second grenade, but it also allows Strikers to leave dangerous shockwaves after each slam of their fist.  When playing this class make sure to use the level geography to your advantage and box opponents into small areas.

3. Gunslinger

Destiny 2 Hunter

This sharpshooter sub-class is a walking delete button in Mayhem mode. Being able to kill anyone in their Super from extreme ranges makes the Gunslinger a force to be reckoned with. Whether it’s the three shot or six shot variation, this Super is capable of shutting down pretty much any Guardian trying to kill you. This can make an accurate Gunslinger incredibly dangerous since they can just hang back and pick off foes from a distance. Since the Golden Gun has no damage drop off, players can just hang back and act as a support unit for the rest of their squad. While it may not be as flashy as some other Supers, the Golden Gun can completely define matches by itself.

4. Sunbreaker

Destiny 2 Sunbreaker

An odd sub-class, the Sunbreaker is surprisingly versatile for a class that throws flaming hammers at people. What makes this sub-class so dangerous in Mayhem is how much damage it can litter the battlefield with. Not only can Incendiary and Thermite grenades create a nice area of denial effect, but the Hammer of Sol is great at both close and medium range. While it may take sometime to really land hammers at a distance, being able to consistently apply pressure on enemy teams is quite powerful.

Both skill trees are extremely potent in Mayhem since they can shut down entire teams very quickly. While facing down a Super is always intimidating, the Sunbreaker is an unrelenting force that is hard to stop. It gets even worse given how many shots the Hammer of Sol gives Titans, allowing them to wipe entire teams and then kill them when they spawn.

5. Nightstalker

Destiny 2 Nightstalker

Even though the Ward of Dawn is typically associated with the “fun police” builds, we are giving it to the Nightstalker this time. Suppressing a target upon hit can be quite jarring for a Hunter’s victim, allowing for easy kills. In a mode where Supers are activating literally every few seconds, the Nightstalker’s ability to evade and dodge the chaos cannot be understated.

There’s something immensely satisfying about vanishing from sight and then hitting an angry Sunbreaker with your bow. Keep in mind, the Nightstalker will usually have less multi-kills then other Supers. Despite this, having a player using Shadowshot on your team can be quite useful. Since you can typically hear a Guardian using a Super from a mile away, this gives a Nightstalker player more than enough time to set up a trap and shut them down.

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