Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Get Illuminated Engrams

Destiny 2 Exotic Ghost

Collin MacGregor

Destiny 2’s first expansion is here and it’s looking to suck away more hours from the devoted playerbase trying to fight back The Darkness. Thankfully, Curse of Osiris introduces a number of different weapons, armor pieces, and balance changes to help users craft the perfect Guardian. Many of these items can be earned via traditional means, however, some are tied specifically to the Eververse Illuminated Engrams. While these appear to replace Bright Engrams, they function exactly the same way only now these engrams include Curse of Osiris loot.

To earn an Illuminated Engram, players will need to fill the experience bar at the bottom of their screen. Any level past 20 will award you will an Illuminated Engram and this will continue even after you hit the max level cap of 25. Every time that bottom bar has completely filled the player will be given a single Illuminated Engram to spend. It’s also possible to purchase three different bundles of Illuminated Engrams for the in-game currency known as Silver. Sadly, Silver can only be obtained via spending real cash so you’ll need to open your wallet if you want all these items right away.

If you are looking to try and quickly gain XP, we recommend running a group of three and using Fireteam Medallions. These increase the amount of experience earned during strikes, Crucible Matches, and Public Events. Additionally, make sure to use a Ghost that increases your XP for completing activities on certain planets. Combing these two items can give your Guardian a nice boost to his experience and help increase your acquisition of Illuminated Engrams.

Also, if you have three characters we recommend leveling them to at least 25 each since you can hit the max level by just completing the campaign. It won’t take a ton of time and it’s a good way to earn an additional 10 Illuminated Engrams if you are really digging for specific items to own. There is no guarantee for what items you will get in an Illuminated Engram. It’s completely up to RNG, however, duplicates of Exotic tier items seems to be very, very rare.

Some of the Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris items we recommend looking out for it any of the five Exotic Ghost Shells, new weapon ornaments, and some cool new emotes like Mic Drop. However, the Ghost Shells are definitely the best items in these engrams. Each Ghost offers two unique and powerful passive abilities that can help push a Guardian over the edge for PvE content. Of the five, the best two are undoubtedly the Electronica Shell and the Fire Victorious Shell.

The former will increase your loot drops from Public events, which can be great for grinding out materials. As for the latter, it gives players a chance to earn faction consumables in both Strikes and the Crucible. Additionally, the Victorious shell generates Gunsmith Telemetry on elemental weapon kills at an increased rate. Both of these are worth picking up if they ever do rotate into the weekly offerings that can be purchased with Bright Dust.

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