Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Get Exotic Ghost Shells

Destiny 2 Exotic Ghost

Collin MacGregor

Destiny 2’s first expansion, Curse of Osiris, has officially released and it’s bringing a whole host of new content for players to enjoy. Along with a brand new story and world to explore, Curse of Osiris includes a plethora of weapons, armor pieces, and additional cosmetics to obtain. One of the most coveted are special Exotic rarity Ghosts that are a first for this franchise. Unlike other Ghosts, these have vastly different appearances that can add a lot more style to a user’s Guardian.

However, in order to actually obtain these Ghosts, you will need to do some grinding and hope that RNG is on your side.  Currently, to unlock the Exotic Ghosts players will need to open them in an Illuminated Engram. These are brand new to Destiny 2 and have replaced Bright Engrams which were previously the Eververse related engrams. The Illuminated Engrams can either be purchased outright or obtained via leveling up your character. Thankfully, you will not have to wait until you reach the new level cap of 25, as any rank above 20 will net you an Illuminated Engram.

There are currently only 5 Exotic Ghosts that you can unlock via Eververse. Unlike other Ghosts, these Exotic variants come with special, unique passives that can give you a rather notable advantage in PvE (Player vs Environment) activities. These passives include increased rewards from Public Events, a general 10% increase for all XP gains, and being able to detect caches of treasure regardless of what planet you are on. This is quite different than the traditional Legendary Ghosts, which were always tied to a specific planet or activity. Currently, these are the five Ghosts you can unlock in Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris:

  • Star Map Shell
  • Cosmos Shell
  • Fast Lane Shell
  • Fire Victorious Shell
  • Electronica Shell

Keep in mind you can also purchase Illuminated Engrams for real-world money, however, this is the least desirable option. Make sure to use items like the Fireteam Medallian to increase your XP gains for both you and your fireteam. This is a nice way to level-up faster and obtain more Illuminated Engrams so you can try and get one of these special, Exotic Ghost Shells.

It’s possible that there are other Exotic Ghost Shells hidden away in this expansion or tied to the completion of the story We will update this article if any new information or additional Exotic Ghost Shells are revealed.

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