Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Unlock the Lighthouse Chest

Destiny 2


There are a lot of secrets in Destiny 2’s  newest expansion Curse of Osiris but one of the most intriguing is a walled-off chest in the Lighthouse. Located on Mercury, players will be able to obtain this item after they complete the first story mission of the expansion’s campaign. After this,  players can explore the Lighthouse which includes a chest that is gated off by a Vex shield underneath the walkway leading to Vance.

To deactivate this shield, players will need to hit 5 glowing books in a specific sequence to call a Vex terminal in the far right corner. Users will then need to interact with this console to deactivate the shield and obtain the loot inside of the golden chest. While you can do this alone, we recommend having a friend since the different switches are across the Lighthouse. You’ll need to keep running back and forth unless you have another Guardian chilling in one area waiting to hit their switches.

All of the switches are marked with a glowing yellow symbol and are on the spines of books in the Lighthouse. They can easily be seen against the darkened backdrop so don’t worry about finding them they are fairly easy to spot once you know what to look for.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

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The first switch is located on the table with Brother Vance to his left among a stack of books. Click this book and then turn around and jump across to the left side of the room.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

You can find the second hidden book on the shelf to the right of where Brother Vance is standing. Jump over to the tables by the different disciples and click the book icon.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

Now turn around and go the left side of the room. The switch can be found to the left of the Forge by one of the tall stone torches near the entrance. It’s located on top of a stack of books.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

After this, you will need to go to the right side of the room once again. Jump across and approach the table with the disciple sitting behind it. You can find the fourth book switch behind a pyramid-shaped object near the end of the table.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

Run back around the left side of the room and this time head to the right of the Forge. You can find this book a few shelves above eye level by the large machine that spits out the Curse of Osiris weapons. Look for the small glowing yellow dot and jump up to interact with it.

Destiny 2 Lighthouse Chest

Finally, go to the right side of the room and head into the small pit that circles around the podium Brother Vance is standing on. You should see a large white Vex column emerging from the ground. Wait till it finishes and then interact with it. This will decrypt the Firewall and unlock the Golden Chest for everyone in the room. The reward is a Legendary Engram and some Mercury Tokens so it’s worth the time to unlock it.

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