Destiny 2 Curse of Osiris: How to Get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture

Destiny 2 Lost Prophecy

Collin MacGregor

There are a lot of different items to obtain in Destiny 2, but two of the newest are Radiolarian Culture and Concentrated Radiolarian Culture. Introduced via the Curse of Osiris expansion, these consumable items are used to help craft powerful weapons. In order to actually obtain the ability to craft these items you will need to first finish the following adventures that are tied to a Milestone:

  • Up and Up
  • The Runner
  • Bug in the System

These can only be completed after the main story is over.

Finishing all three Adventures will advance a second part of the quest that asks the player to pick one of the three Heroic versions of these Adventures. They are fairly easy, but you’ll have to deal with modifiers this time around like Prism or Brawler. It may take a few tries, so we recommend playing with a full fireteam to quickly finish off these sections. The hardest of the three is The Runner, simply because chasing down the Cabal boss can be a headache, especially with the constant rotating elemental burns. If you’re on your own we recommend picking Up and Up since it’s probably the easiest of all three Adventures to finish.

From here, players will need to obtain Concentrated Radiolarian  Culture for their Lost Prophecy to activate. While you will eventually need Advanced Paradox Amplifiers, you won’t need to worry about them for your first Verse. To do this, you will need to get 10 Radiolarian Cultures that be obtained by completing Public Events. These special consumables will be randomly awarded to players upon the completion of an activity and cannot be found in chests – with one exception. Radiolarian Cultures can also be obtained by killing High-Value Targets and raiding their chests.

These are not tied to Vex only Public Events, so feel free to jump around the universe hitting as many different activities as possible. Radiolarian Culture is not a guaranteed drop and changing the event via the Heroic modifier doesn’t appear to have any effect. In our testing, we averaged one Radiolarian Culture every Two Public Events or after killing three High-Value Targets. This is a fairly easy material to obtain, but keep in mind it will only start dropping once you have a Lost Prophecy in your inventory.

We recommend hitting Public Event spaces that are smaller and usually have High-Value Targets roaming around. Areas like the Trostland, Winding Cove, Siren’s Watch, and Lost Oasis are all great areas to farm these Radiolarian Cultures. Try to avoid areas that don’t usually have High-Value Targets roaming around unless you absolutely have too. If you want to get the grinding over as fast as possible then make sure to hit areas that can maximize your chances. Keep in mind you can get Concentrated Radiolarian Culture from Public Events, but this is an extremely rare drop. Also we can confirm that you can obtain Radiolarian Culture from random chests on planets, so make sure to always look out for them and open these boxes.

After you obtain 10 Radiolarian Cultures head back to Mercury and visit Brother Vance at the Lighthouse. Speak to him and click the blue Radiolarian Culture icon to transform it into Concentrated Radiolarian Culture.  Then just open up your menu, use the Concentrated Radiolarian Culture to transform your Lost Prophecy. From here, bring it over to the Forge on the left and insert it into the machine to get your first weapon. Make sure to also grab the hidden golden chest here while you are stopping by the Lighthouse.

Don’t forget to add a Fireteam Medallion while you play to increase your experience and loot drops while you grind these consumables.

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