Destiny 2: How to Get the Perfect Paradox Shotgun

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Destiny 2’s Curse of Osiris DLC is officially, so naturally players are already trying to unlock every piece of armor and weapon in the expansion. While there are a lot of different items that users can obtain, some of the most unique are tied to the new Forge mechanic. This mechanic allows players to farm for resources by completing various activities, which can be used to craft special Vex enhanced weapons. To actually unlock this feature, players will need to first beat the Curse of Osiris campaign and then all of the Adventure missions offered.

Update 1

If you are looking to obtain the Perfect Paradox shotgun then you’ll need to complete five Lost Prophecies. Once you finish your fifth verse, you’ll obtain a new item call “Lost Prophecy, Another Verse.” This will kick off a new questline with the mission title “Legends Lost.” We won’t spoil any of the story details, but keep in mind this mission has a recommended Light level of 300. Finishing this mission will alter your Another Verse item and require users to collect a plethora of different materials. These include 2 Concentrated Radiolarian Cultures, 2 Fossilized Hermaion Blossoms, and 2 Advanced Paradox Amplifiers.

After you finish gathering all the materials return to Mercury and finish the quest Not Even the Darkness. The mission itself can be a bit tricky thanks to the horde of Vex near the second half of the mission. We recommend bringing a grenade launcher or rocket launcher to deal with the massive wave of Goblins that will rush you at the end. Finishing the mission will complete your Lost Prophecy, Another Verse consumable so go back to the Lighthouse. Talk to Vance and then bring it over to the Forge to decrypt the item. You’ll be rewarded with the Perfect Paradox shotgun, which is perhaps one of the best PvE close range weapons in Destiny 2.


  • Finish five Lost Prophecies
  • Talk to Vance and get the Lost Prophecy, Another Verse
  • Complete the Legends Lost mission
  • Collect the needed materials for the Another Verse
  • Complete the Not Even the Darkness mission
  • Forge your Lost Prophecy into the Perfect Paradox shotgun

Original Story

(Author’s Note: We are considering this a rumor for now until we can actually perform the task and obtain the Perfect Paradox shotgun. It’s possible there are more steps to this quest than the ones below.)

Saint-14 is considered to be one of the best Titans to have ever lived in the Destiny lore. While his name has always been referenced in the Destiny franchise, players still know very little about him. Outside of his famed helmet (which has made a return to Destiny 2), there hasn’t been a ton of nods to this character in the sequel. It appears that has changed, as Reddit user JewBoy300 has managed to glitch himself into what appears to be the tomb of Saint-14. Given the level of detail in this environment, it’s heavily speculated that this is part of a secret quest tied to the Forge weapons.

Destiny 2 Perfect Paradox Shotgun

We know this because the Destiny Database actually has a page on the Perfect Paradox shotgun with not only its lore but the perks and stats. The lore portion directly references Saint-14 and it’s wildly believed that a special quest will trigger once players construct all 12 Forge weapons. This sounds easy, but given every weapon can require hours of grinding to unlock, obtaining the Perfect Paradox is going to take some time. Every weapon is tied to a specific Lost Prophecy, each of which needs a specific amount of special resources.

These resources are the Advanced Paradox Amplifier, Concentrated Radiolarian Culture, and Fossilized Hermaion Blossom.   Each item is specifically tied to certain events, so if you want to unlock them you’ll need to complete various activities. For example, if you want an Advanced Paradox Amplifier you’ll either need to obtain one or 10 Paradox Amplifiers via completing strikes, Crucible matches, or Heroic Mercury Adventures. At the end of these activities, players will have a high chance to obtain some of these materials in-game.

If you are looking to obtain the Perfect Paradox shotgun then we recommend focusing every week on completing all of the Lost Prophecy related quests. You can finish three a week, so make sure to always have on on your Guardian at all times. It’s impossible to gather resources without a Lost Prophecy, so make visiting the Lighthouse always the first thing you do during the weekly reset.

Make sure to check back with us here for any updates regarding the acquisition of the Perfect Paradox legendary shotgun. For more Destiny 2 news, guides, and features make sure to visit Heavy’s gaming section.