Destiny 2 Raid Lair: How to Escape the Reactor

Destiny 2

The new Raid Lair for Destiny 2 has officially released and it’s just as devious as users expected. Once you make your way into the bowels of the Leviathan, users will be faced with a giant room full of purple toxic liquid. If you touch this poison you’ll instantly be killed regardless of your toughness. In order to beat this section, you’ll need to traverse the room by jumping on weight-sensitive platforms. The trick is that these platforms can only have one person on them, so you’ll want to make sure that your team isn’t just rushing it through it.

(TL;DR  at the bottom)

Keep in mind these platforms also have a timer attached to them so when they go red you’ll only have a few seconds before they drop. Go across these opening platforms in a single file line, with each team member rotating onto a new platform with every jump. Make sure to have a jumping order to ensure that two people aren’t jumping at the same time. There will be Psion snipers shooting at you near the halfway point, but you can ignore them. Continue across this until you reach another platform with several Cabal soldiers waiting. Kill all of them and then split into two teams of three and jump down to either the right or left platform.

Follow the same one man jumping strategy for the first string of platforms until you make it to another area full of enemies. If you do mess up you can always try to rush to one of the reactor safety points before the platform kills you. This obviously isn’t ideal, but it is possible in case there is a miscommunication among your team members. After you kill the second set of enemies that drop from a transport ship, there will be a third grouping of platforms you have to cross. You will need all 6 players to participate in this jumping section, as every time someone is on a platform a new one will spawn.

When you reach the halfway point of this section another grouping of Psions will appear and begin shooting at your team. If you have a scout rifle or sniper they can easily be taken out, but you can ignore them since they don’t deal a high amount of damage. Remember, all you need is two or three people to actually make it to the end of a jumping cycle. If you die and your team has progressed further just wait for a few seconds and all of the platforms will raise up. The biggest problem that can plague a team is communication so always have a jump order and a one person signifying when to jump.

The trickiest part will be the last two. For the third jumping section once all six people are out, have the person in the back become the new leader. A platform will spawn at the back and act as the new area to continue the jumping chain. As for the fourth set of jumping platforms, once you reach the middle you will need to start having whoever’s platform turns red takes the next one. Don’t worry about the jump order, just whoever’s platform goes red. Keep rotating until you reach the end where the platforms begin to ascend. When this happens just form another straight line chain to the end.

Once you reach the last section all you will have to do is fight off two waves of Cabal enemies known as “Loyalists.” They are fairly easy to dispatch, as long as you focus fire the colossus class enemies that spawn. Once you defeat all of the enemies a Cabal will come over the loudspeaker and ask you to fix his ship’s engine problem. Grab your loot from the chest and head out to the next portion of the Leviathan Raid Lair.

To recap:

  • Jump across the weight-sensitive platforms in a single file line.
  • Kill the group of enemies on the first rector plate.
  • Break up into two teams of three and jump in a single file line across the two platform chains.
  • Kill the next group of enemies on the second reactor plate.
  • Jump across the final set of weight-sensitive platforms in a single file line.
  • For the third set have someone hang back and jump on the plate that spawns in the back.
  • Snake back the opposite way with the last person being the new leader.
  • Kill more enemies
  • Continue more platform jumping to the final area.
  • The plates split halfway through and will chain back and forth down the center.
  • Have the team in the back switch with the team in front when the plates start splitting.
  • Continue having whoever’s plate turns red  jump on the new platform.
  • Kill all the Loyalists that drop in.

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