Heroes Evolved: Top 5 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top five tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for Heroes Evolved.

1. Intelligent Warding #1

• “Fog of War” and “Wards” are hallmarks of traditional MOBA games. Through wards, players can gain sight by dispelling Fog of War and gain advantages in team fights. The difference between a new player and a pro player, is when, where and how they plant their wards. Intelligent and timely placement of wards can help a player observe enemy movement so to avoid enemy ganks and to be able to gank enemy heroes.

Heroes Evolved


• Generally speaking, there are two types of ward placements: offensive and defensive wards. Offensive wards are those that are able to capture information regarding enemy positioning in order to coordinate attacks and ganks. Defensive wards aid in scouting and detection to help avoid enemy hero ganks. Always try to place wards at the highest elevation possible, as vision radius is obstructed at lower elevations. The Mid Lane is a heavily contested area where team fights break out easily. Place wards at high elevations in enemy territory in order to get a clear vision of the entire mid lane. This will help your team avoid enemy ganks or to coordinate a gank with teammates.

2. Intelligent Warding #2

Heroes Evolved


• The enemy Jungler plays a crucial part in setting the tempo of the game early on. They can easily set up ganks, which can cause your team to play catch-up for the rest of the early game. To counter, place a defensive ward at the enemy jungle exits and observe the enemy Jungler’s progress. Even if the enemy hero receives the “attack” buff and ganks the mid lane, the defensive ward will buy time to avoid the gank or to set up counter ganks to disrupt the enemy’s tempo.

Heroes Evolved


• Place offensive wards behind enemy towers to detect where the enemy heroes are. With this information, coordinate with your team for a “tower dive” and kill enemy heroes that are isolated defending a tower.

3. Teleport To Help Allies Break Out Of Binds

• Now that you’ve learned the importance of wards, it is time to discuss reinforcements. Teleport is a very useful function, which can quickly relocate you to your troops and your towers. When your health is low during laning, you can also teleport back to safety to recover your health. Skillful use of Teleport can help quickly transform a small skirmish into an all-out attack that wins the game.

• Here’s an example: When the ward in the jungle of the top lane detects that an enemy hero is trying to gank your ally hero, you can teleport to your towers in the top lane and work with your ally heroes to gank the enemy hero. Therefore, you can save your ally hero as well as upset the enemy hero.

Heroes Evolved


• The existence of Teleport opens the possibility of a whole host of strategies, including the classic “4-1 Split Push.” One lane pusher hero quickly clears lanes and pushes towers, while the four ally heroes group and forcibly initiate a team fight. If an enemy hero engages the lane pusher hero, the lane pusher hero can Teleport to the team fight. If the lane pusher hero is left alone, then the enemy team can expect to lose a tower or two. Skillful usage of Teleport is an essential part of becoming a MOBA God.

4. Customize Gear Binds For Each Hero #1

• During Ranked, you might wonder why the same player skill and the same strategies produced extremely varied results. That’s because of item buy order: which gear you buy and in which order you buy them. Intelligent purchases will help maximize your potential in any given moment during a match.

5. Customize Gear Binds For Each Hero #2

Heroes Evolved


• You can customize the gear purchase order with multiple presets to choose from depending on the situation of the match. Customize with battle setup in the main panel and you can also pre-buy from the shop. Certain heroes have certain weaknesses. Control-type heroes lack burst and assassin heroes are squishy. Gear with Active effects provides more options for the heroes to cover their weaknesses. So how much have you learned? For more detailed strategies on heroes, please go to the “HE LIBRARY” in-game.

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