‘Pokemon Go’ Gen 3 Move Guide: Best Offensive & Defensive Moves for Each Species

Pokemon Go Gen 3

Niantic Pokemon Go Gen 3

The first set of Generation 3 Pokemon in Pokemon Go are being released into the wild, and players are beginning to learn which movesets work best for the new species. Based on the amount of damage inflicted per second, the most powerful quick moves may not necessarily match the Pokemon that are most powerful based on CP. The following chart breaks down the best movesets for the 50 Generation 3 Pokemon that have been released by Niantic so far, according to trainers with The Silph Road. These are the best moves both offensively and defensively, using data from Pokemon Go Info. Click on the name of each Pokemon to see more information about its moveset and the damage-per-second of each move. These may be updated as more information becomes available about any changes made to the Pokemon in-game.

Pokemon Best Offensive Move Set Best Defensive Move Set
Azurill Baby  Bubble & Body Slam  Bubble & Ice Beam
Wynaut Baby  Counter & Mirror Coat  Counter & Mirror Coat
Treecko  Pound & Grass Knot Bullet Seed & Grass Knot
Grovyle  Quick Attack & Grass Knot  Bullet Seed & Leaf Blade
Sceptile  Fury Cutter & Leaf Blade  Bullet Seed & Leaf Blade
Torchic  Ember & Flamethrower  Ember & Flame Charge
Combusken  Ember & Flamethrower  Ember & Flame Charge
Blaziken  Counter & Overheat  Fire Spin & Overheat
Mudkip Water Gun & Stomp Water Gun & Dig
Marshtomp  Water Gun & Surf  Mud Shot & Mud Bomb
Swampert  Water Gun & Surf  Mud Shot & Surf
Poochyena  Snarl & Crunch  Snarl & Crunch
Mightyena  Bite & Play Rough  Fire Fang & Crunch
Zigzagoon  Tackle & Grass Knot  Rock Smash & Grass Knot
Linoone  Shadow Claw & Grass Knot  Shadow Claw & Dig
Wurmple  Bug Bite & Struggle  Bug Bite & Struggle
Silcoon  Bug Bite & Struggle  Bug Bite & Struggle
Beautifly  Infestation & Bug Buzz  Struggle Bug & Bug Buzz
Cascoon  Bug Bite & Struggle  Bug Bite & Struggle
Dustox  Confusion & Sludge Bomb  Confusion & Bug Buzz
Seedot  Quick Attack & Grass Knot  Bullet Seed & Grass Knot
Nuzleaf  Feint Attack & Grass Knot  Feint Attack & Leaf Blade
Shiftry  Razor Leaf & Leaf Blade  Feint Attack & Leaf Blade
Ralts  Confusion & Psyshock Confusion & Psyshock
Kirlia  Confusion & Psychic  Confusion & Disarming Voice
Gardevoir  Confusion & Dazzling Gleam Confusion & Dazzling Gleam
Shroomish  Bullet Seed & Grass Knot   Bullet Seed & Grass Knot
Breloom  Counter & Dynamic Punch Bullet Seed & Dynamic Punch
Slakoth  Yawn & Body Slam  Yawn & Body Slam
Vigoroth  Scratch & Body Slam  Counter & Body Slam
Slaking  Yawn & Hyper Beam  Yawn & Play Rough
Makuhita  Rock Smash & Heavy Slam  Rock Smash & Heavy Slam
Hariyama  Counter & Dynamic Punch   Counter & Dynamic Punch
Skitty Tackle & Wild Charge  Feint Attack & Wild Charge
Delcatty  Feint Attack & Wild Charge  Zen Headbutt & Wild Charge
Mawile (only in raids)  Bite & Play Rough Astonish & Play Rough
Electrike  Spark & Thunderbolt  Quick Attack & Discharge
Manectric  Charge Beam & Wild Charge   Charge Beam & Wild Charge
Plusle (Regional: North/South America)  Spark & Thunderbolt  Quick Attack & Discharge
Minun (Regional: Europe/Asia)  Spark & Thunderbolt  Quick Attack & Discharge
Roselia  Poison Jab & Sludge Bomb  Razor Leaf & Sludge Bomb
Gulpin  Pound & Gunk Shot  Rock Smash & Gunk Shot
Swalot  Infestation & Sludge Bomb  Rock Smash & Sludge Bomb
Spoink  Zen Headbutt & Shadow Ball   Zen Headbutt & Shadow Ball
Grumpig  Extrasensory & Shadow Ball   Extrasensory & Shadow Ball
Absol (only in raids)  Snarl & Dark Pulse   Snarl & Dark Pulse
Seviper (Possibly regional)  Poison Jab & Crunch  Iron Tail & Crunch
Zangoose (Possibly regional)  Shadow Claw & Close Combat  Shadow Claw & Dig
Meditite  Confusion & Psyshock Confusion & Psyshock
Medicham  Counter & Dynamic Punch   Counter & Dynamic Punch

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