WATCH: Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition – Arcade Mode Live Stream

Update: the archived live stream footage can be viewed in the video posted below.

Watch Capcom Plays – Street Fighter V Arcade Edition! from CapcomUnity on

Soon after the Mega Man 30th Anniversary live celebration concludes, Capcom will present another live showcase.

This live stream will focus completely on 2018’s release of Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition. And more specifically, the actual Arcade Mode’s structure. What we know so far about this updated mode is that it will feature different paths. These paths will connect to the mainline entries in the Street Fighter franchise – the first Street Fighter, Street Fighter II, Street Fighter Alpha, Street Fighter III, Street Fighter IV and of course, Street Fighter V. Arcade Mode will also feature comic-book style panels for its endings. As a matter of fact, Capcom stated that there will be over 100 endings and a monthly ranking system feature.

Check out the picture posted below to see some of the other bonuses coming to SFV: Arcade Edition’s single-player focused mode:

SFV Arcade Edition

Along with official info about Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition, a Reddit user by the name of “DasVergeben” leaked some info about the game’s planned Season 3 content. You can read up on some of the info he posted on Reddit below (check out his whole post here):

– Season 3 characters include Sakura, Sagat, Cody, Sodom, 2 newcomers (I heard 2 Final Fight newcomers from one source, but Roxy and a Shadaloo Doll from another)

– The President is a character they had in mind since Street Fighter IV, but shared a design for him from during Street Fighter V’s development online before they had decided to scrap and shelf the character. Here is the concept art for him:

– There will also be free characters added as part of the update (no one seems to know when exactly) which are Crimson Viper, Q, Necro, and Oro

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