Where Was Scott on HQ Trivia Tonight? [Dec. 29 & 30]

If you played HQ Trivia tonight, you might have noticed that the regular host, Scott Rogowsky, was conspicuously absent. And of course, this was the night that HQ had problems so big that they had to restart the game nearly 90 minutes later. (Unfortunately, a lot of people still had technical difficulties tonight.) Well, don’t worry about Scott. Unless you play HQ every single time, you might not realize that he doesn’t always host.

Scott has been tweeting tonight and is just fine. In fact, he tweeted just a few minutes before the game began.

In fact, he’s simply been busy and had prior engagements, according to this tweet from yesterday:

In other words, he’s taken some time off to attend New Year’s shows:

So don’t worry — whether you’re one of the people who loves Scott or you’re one of the ones who thinks he’s a bit annoying, he will be back soon. And he’s not sick — he’s just fine. A lot of players were worried, but now they can rest easy.

Casey Jost was the guest host on December 29, but he’s not the only one who sometimes takes Scott’s place on HQ Trivia. Other guest hosts include Sharon Carpenter and Sarah Pribis. Rus Yusupov, cofounder of HQ, told Mashable he plans to bring more guest hosts on as the game grows in popularity. “I think HQ is known for the gameplay. The personalities are a big part of that, but on the team, we put a lot of energy into making it a really compelling game experience. That’s in the branding, in the sound design, in the animations, the way the phone vibrates when you’ve got 3 seconds left… You should expect to see more faces.”

I‌f you’ve never played HQ before, there’s no better time than the present. The game is currently only available on iOS, but it’s coming to Android soon. To play, simply visit https://get.hqtrivia.com, this will take you directly to downloading the game on iOS because it’s not currently available on Android yet. If you liked this story, use the author’s referral code (type in: writingwithcats) as a way of saying thank you!

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