Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links: How To Get & Use Exodia

Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links

If you’re familiar with Yu-Gi-Oh! at all then you’ve likely heard of Exodia. Exodia is the beast Yugi used to defeat Seto Kaiba in season one of the anime and we later saw another Exodia build later on in the series.

Exodia is noticeably absent from Duel Links and honestly it seemed like the right idea since the game itself is a stripped down version of Yu-Gi-Oh! itself. Instead of having 8000 life points, five monster slots and five trap/spell card slots, Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links caps your deck at 30 cards, 4000 life points and just three slots for monsters and three slots for spell/trap cards.

With such deck constraints, you’ll have to pick a strategy and jam load your deck without much room for filler cards or anything of the sort. An Exodia build might have been too powerful given the circumstances of having the option of having just 20 cards in your deck. On the other hand, others can have 20 card decks and have quick ways to make short work of you if you’re going for an Exodia build. As it stands right now, parts of Exodia are not available through card packs or character unlocks.

Instead, if you are going for an Exodia deck build, you’ll need to unlock Yugi Muto. If you’re familiar with the anime or manga, you’ll know that Yugi Muto and Yami Yugi are two different characters and Yugi Muto is the non-pharoah version of Yugi. Yami Yugi is one of the characters you can choose to start the game with.

The only to get Yugi Muto was through a previous event so if you don’t have him, there’s no way to get Exodia. We’re sure the event or an additional way to unlock Yugi Muto will be available in the future but we’re out of luck for right now.

Yugi’s level 4 ability is called Grandpa’s Cards and that will put the five pieces of Exodia into your deck. One drawback to this is that your deck will grow by five cards so it will take a bit longer to get through your deck, even with a 20 card deck to start with. Some ways to help this is to use cards like Blue Eyed Summoner which will help you draw pieces of Exodia. There are several more options to pick from so the possibilities are endless when it comes to this.

For those unaware, you’ll win any duel you’re in if you hold all five pieces of Exodia in your hand. This means that you’ll want to focus on cards that will help you burn through your deck and find the pieces as quick as possible.

One issue this deck will run into is the current Cyber Angel meta deck which moves quickly so it can hurt your Exodia build since things could be wrapped up in a matter of turns. This build can be a lot of fun and that’s really what’s important in a game like this.

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