Call of Duty WW2: How to Get the Orso Submachine Gun

Call of Duty: WWII

The new Call of Duty WW2 community event is officially underway and it’s bringing a plethora of new items and activities for users to enjoy. Along with new game modes and cosmetics, there are several weapons that soldiers can obtain. One of these is the Orso submachine gun, which is only available during the Resistance community event. Thankfully, getting the Orso is fairly easy and it will only take a bit of grinding to unlock.

When you load up the multiplayer portion of Call of Duty WW2 head to your Headquarters first. Make your way up to Major Howard and he will offer various Orders that pertain to this event. Go all the way down to the bottom one – colored green – and select it. This Special Order will only require you to complete 50 multiplayer matches to unlock the Orso. Sounds easy right? The trick is playing game types that go by quickly so you can breeze through this Special Order.

Prop Hunt is an okay choice for this since there are additional Resistance Orders tied to the game type. This means you can not only finish the Orso Order but any additional Orders that will net you Resistance Loot Crates. We recommend doing this first as it’s a great way to maximize your effectiveness when it comes to obtaining loot. There are two Orders tied to this game mode, one that asks you to finish 25 matches and another that requires users to destroy a specific number of props.

For the unfamiliar, Prop Hunt has one team taking the role of random items that try to hide in the environment. These props are defenseless outside of being able to change their form or flashbang opponents. The other side is required to hunt down these props and destroy them within a specific time limit. The game itself is quite fun, but matches can be a bit longer depending on how good your props are. We suggest only competing in this mode to finish the Prop Hunter Orders since it can run around 15-20 minutes a game.

Skip any round based game type like Search and Destroy as these can take forever to finish if both teams are skilled. You want to play matches that go by quickly so Team Deathmatch or Domination are great choices. These games usually last around 10 minutes, so it’s easy to breeze through them quickly with friends or by yourself. In contrast, avoid War at all costs since it will take forever to finish a single game. Once you’ve actually finished the Order, turn it in to obtain the Orso submachine gun.

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