DomiNations (Cold War Update): Top 10 Tips & Cheats You Need to Know

Here are the top 10 tips/tricks/cheats you need to know for DomiNations (Cold War Update).

1. Advance Your Units Through the Ages

Dominations Cold War


• Spearmen and Slingers are okay, but wouldn’t you rather play with the Assault Vehicle and the Mobile Rocket Launcher (MRL)? Upgrade your armory and bring the most advanced units to war. You’ll thank us later…

2. Use the Rally Tactic!

Dominations Cold War


• Sure, you can have all of your units bear down on a single target, but consider the versatility of this tool. Rally your troops to a central location before applying the Protect tactic, or use it to pull your troops out of heavy fire. Alternatively, pair it with a few of your lead troops to take out critical targets, then let the rest of your army go to work.

3. Protect Your Resources in Walled-Off Areas

Dominations Cold War


• Having a single Wall running all around your base means you’re vulnerable if someone breaks through that single line of defense. Separate, smaller walled-off sections can slow down your opponent, and gives a chance for your defensive buildings to blast away at your enemy.

4. Build up Your Defenses

Dominations Cold War


• Traps, towers, garrisons – there are so many options to defend your base. Upgrading defense buildings also helps to increase your player level so you can move to the next age. As a nice bonus, if you are able to destroy troops that attack your base, you can earn Crowns.

5. Move up the Leagues to get Better Daily Rewards

Dominations Cold War


• As long as you’ve made a single offensive attack during the current season, you will be placed in a league. When you’re in a league, a boat will appear at your dock every day, bearing a range of gifts. The more League Medals you have, the better rewards you can get.

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