Fleta Dominates Overwatch League Fantasy After Week One

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Fleta got it done last week.

So it wasn’t easy to predict the first week of fantasy Overwatch League. Star players stayed on the bench, top teams disappointed, and the Mercy meta made from some hilarious negative scores.

Then there was Fleta.

Lunatic Hai only acquired Byung-sun Kim in October of last year, but it’s easy to see why he was in their crosshairs before morphing into Seoul Dynasty. It’s because everyone is in Fleta’s. the former Flash Lux player needed no introduction to Overwatch League. In fact, for casual fans of the game, Fleta was THEIR introduction. His clips stormed through social media, as his highlight play was the standout of the week.

When the dust settled, the numbers were staggering. Fleta didn’t just set the bar for Overwatch League, but for any Overwatch Player anywhere. He’s also humble:

So, considering he broke established statistical metrics, it’s zero surprise he was breaking new ones. In the debut week of fantasy Overwatch League, Fleta was the only player worth having. He put up a ridiculous 363 fantasy points, over 50 more than the next highest scorer (SoOn with 300).

In Overwatch season-long fantasy leagues, it might be over already. At this pace, the person in your league that drafted Fleta is off and running towards a championship. In weekly leagues, it’s safe to say that Fleta is a must-pick every week until further notice.

How is this happening? The difference comes from the fantasy scoring combined with character choices. Fleta played Widowmaker most of the weekend, focusing on positioning and dealing massive amounts of damage from great distances. That works well for fantasy scoring, since the only ways to lose points are dying (-1) and being the first death in a teamfight (-2). The latter is huge, because the odds of a back-line character like Widowmaker getting picked first is small.

For comparison, Fusion DPS Carpe played most of his two games as Tracer. He finished with a very respectable 170 points, but led the league in first deaths with 25. Fleta was the first death 13 times, the 13th worst total in the league.

Playing Widowmaker also allowed Fleta to use his ultimate at will to score more points. Fleta used his ultimate 63 times last week, third-best in the league.

But the real strength of Widowmaker, and conversely Fleta’s score, is the ability to get picks. First Kills are worth three points in this scoring system, and Widowmaker is great at getting that one-shot kill on an advancing team. Fleta got himself and Seoul a pick 40 times last week, 14 more than the next closest DPS (LiNkzr with 26). That’s 40 different occasions where Fleta put his team in a man-advantage.

Of course, it’s very possible that these numbers take a dip. Even as soon as next week, when Seoul plays Florida and Boston. Because blowouts move so fast in Overwatch League, DPS players on teams with blowout wins will always score less. DPS players want competitive games with multiple caps, giving players more opportunitiyes to get picks and ultimates. But for now, Fleta belongs at the top of every fantasy Overwatch lineup until further notice.